Sunday, June 17, 2018

Book Clubs

I recently saw Book Club. It was a cute movie - funny and sweet. It got me to thinking about book clubs. I have only been in one myself. Years ago I was teaching at a two-year college, and a couple of teachers tried to start a book club with some of our students. It didn’t go over very well, and we only meet a few times. I believe it was just the wrong environment.

In our world today, we don’t need to meet in person to be part of a book club. There are thousands, if not millions, of online or virtual book clubs. Goodreads has a list with close to 25,000 groups. There is a website,, that allows you to search for and join clubs as well as creating one of your own. Celebrities have book clubs. Emma Watson started Our Shared Shelf, a feminist book club. And, of course, the big one – Oprah.

I’m not part of any book club, but reading about this has gotten me interested. I am considering starting one or maybe just joining one. I have a short four question survey below. I would love your feedback.

Happy reading!

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