Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Leah Norwood Mysteries

The first three books I self-published were category romance. Simple and sweet is what I called them. Boy meets girl, they get together, break up, and get back together to live happily ever after. There is something comforting about these types of books. Sometimes, I want to simply escape from reality for a little while and read something easy and pleasant. That is what I tried to write with the Holton Romance Series.

It was long though that other ideas intruded. I have read a lot of cozy mysteries. They usually have some type of theme. A knitting club (yarn store), a book club (book store), a tea shop…and so on. I really didn’t have quite that, but I had an idea for a woman who loved to read mysteries that would get involved in a few herself. Leah Norwood was born. She does run a shop (lotion and fragrance) and she has a love interest. My “theme” if you can call it that is she keeps finding the body. In Dead in a Dumpster, she finds the body in the dumpster behind her store. In Dead in a Park, she finds the body in the city park, and in Dead in a Pickup – you guessed it – she finds the body in a pickup parked in front of a house.

Dead in a Pickup is currently in progress. I have written the first five chapters which is almost a fourth of the way. I haven’t had as much time as I normally do to write so it’s been slow going. I have at least one more in this series planned. It will be titled Dead in a Barn.

Leah is a fun character to write. She is nosy and stubborn. She is also very loyal to her friends which is what often gets her into trouble. Learn a little more about her and the books by reading the flip cards below.

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