Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lost and Found Pets Mystery Novellas and Giveaway

I love my Lost and Found Pets series. They are so much fun to write. Originally, I had an idea for a female private investigator whose office was in the building own by a wealthy man with a daughter. He was going to be the love interest. I actually wrote about half of the novella with that story line, but it just didn’t flow. In that story, she had a dog that was trained for search and rescue, and the man’s daughter hired Alex to find her lost cat. If any of you have read The Lost Great Dane, you will recognize some of the plot. The more I thought about it the more I wanted the dog to play a part in the stories. That gave me the idea of an investigator that specializes in finding lost animals. Once I changed the characters and setting, the story just flowed. Soon after that, I wrote the second book, The Lost Savannah. I wrote and published four novellas in about a year. They all just came flowing out. It was so much fun. I have a story in my head for another novella, but I need one book before that one to set up more of the plot. I am hoping to get them written late this year or early next year.

As a continued celebration of my author anniversary, I have another giveaway. Enter below to win an eBook copy of The Lost Great Dane, two Lost Great Dane coasters, and a Lost Great Dane bandana.

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