Sunday, February 11, 2018

Forgive Me – Ideal Vacation Destination Quiz

So far my anniversary month celebration has been about the first two books I self-published, Convince Me and Notice Me. As the month goes on, I will be talking about the other books I’ve written.

There are two other books in the Holton Series, Trust Me and Forgive Me. When I originally started writing this series, I had thought I could write as many books as I wanted. They would all be centered around a small town in Texas where all the characters interact. The first book was about Steven Carson, and the second book was about his sister, Victoria, and best friend, Andrew. Steven and Tori have a brother, Mitch, who is the focus of Forgive Me.

Trust Me is just a little different. It’s not about anyone in the Carson family. I was okay with that as I was planning on writing about several other people in Holton. What I hadn’t counted on was my interest moving from contemporary romance to mystery.

After writing Trust Me, I moved to my Leah Norwood series. I really enjoyed writing those and knew I wouldn’t go back to Holton, but I didn’t want to leave Mitch’s story untold. I wrote Forgive Me as a wrap up to that series. It wasn’t my best effort, but there are some elements in that story I really love. I really like the fact that Emily, Mitch’s love interest, is trying to find her passion – what is that one thing that she absolutely loves. One of her tests is travel.

What about you? What is your ideal vacation destination? Take the quiz.

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