Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Which classic movie is best?

Last week I mentioned that instead of doing a book challenge this year I was going to do a Classic Mystery Movie challenge. I have already picked out the first four movies I’m going to watch. I’ve probably seen them at some point in my life, but I can’t remember them well enough to discuss. That is why I decided on this challenge.

I’ve picked six movies that are on almost all the classics lists. Which do you think is best?


  1. You may find the book has little to do with the film, seriously. Between the censors of the time and playing fast and loose, it may not go down the way you want. The date 1939 is when censors took over. Prior to that, things were different.

    Have a suggestion for a book connected to but nor actually written until a couple of decades ago. One of my fav movies is Casablanca which was written for the screen. Michael Walsh had written “As Time Goes By”, which takes the characters of Casablanca and puts them pretty much smack dab in the resistance. Well worth checking out

    1. I agree. The book is seldom like the film. I think you have to take the two as completely separate entities.

      I've never read As Time Goes By. I'll check it out.