Friday, January 19, 2018

The Mystery Section Blog

I’m hosting a new blog called The Mystery Section. It is dedicated to showcasing mystery books and their authors. Every two days, we feature one book. My goal is to give the book its own spotlight. I see so many blogs and Facebook pages that have tons of posts each day. It’s nice that these people are trying to help promote, but I feel like too many books get lost in all the content.

The Mystery Section will have one book posted each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The book will be the only post on the blog and the top post on the Facebook page for two days. On Sundays, we will feature an Author of the Month with a little bit about an author, their books, and a Q&A session.

I hope you will consider stopping by. We are going to be hosting a giveaway each month as well so there is an incentive for you. Below are the links. Please consider sharing and following. I know all the authors will appreciate your support.

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