Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Classic Mystery Movie Challenge

I’m reading a book called, Dial P for Poison by Zara Keane, which was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder. Ms. Keane’s mystery series is called the Movie Club Mysteries. All the books are based on movies. It is an interesting and fun idea for a cozy.

I’ve never seen Dial M For Murder. I know I’ve seen parts of it-classic scenes that show up on award shows or retrospectives, but I’ve never sat down and watched the whole thing.

This time of year everyone is making (or by now breaking) New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions or challenges I’ve been seeing online are book related. Goodreads, LibraryThing, and similar sites all have challenges planned. I don’t do book challenges. I read a lot, but it isn’t consistent as it’s hard to plan how long it might take to read a book. Some I can breeze right through; others I have to spend more time on. To me, that’s what makes reading so much fun. Each book is different-even the amount of time it takes to read one.

So instead of a book challenge, I’ve decided to set myself a classic movie challenge. It’s going to be small-only one a month. I’m going to start with Dial M For Murder since that is what began this whole thing. I looked up classic mystery movies and got a lot of ideas. I’m going to begin with the list below.

January 2018 – Dial M For Murder
February 2018 – Murder on the Orient Express
March 2018 – The Thin Man
April 2018 – Rear Window

Any suggestions for other movies? Anyone want to join me?

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