Sunday, January 28, 2018

Classic Mystery Movie Challenge – Dial M for Murder

Instead of a book challenge, I’m doing a classic mystery movie challenge. It’s going to be small-only one movie a month. January was Dial M for Murder.

About the movie:
Academy Award winners Grace Kelly and Ray Milland star with Robert Cummings in one of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest thrillers--Dial M for Murder. When playboy tennis pro Tony Wendice discovers his rich wife, Margot, is having an affair with handsome American Mark Halliday, he devises an ingenious plot to murder her. But when his scheme takes an unexpected, deadly twist, Tony improvises—implicating Margot for first degree murder in this classic spellbinder.

My thoughts:
I knew I had seen parts of this movie. The scene where Margot gets strangled and then kills her attacker is one I’ve seen several times, but I hadn’t thought that I had watched the entire movie. Now I’m not so sure. After watching Dial M for Murder, I realized most of the movie was familiar.

I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It was interesting and well-done. I didn’t really like any of the three main characters. I didn’t hate them-just didn’t find them particularly appealing. Tony, of course, is the bad guy so that is expected, but Margot and Mark should have been more likeable. My problem was that the two of them had an affair and neither seemed sorry about it. Margot, especially, just wanted to keep it hidden.

This didn’t stop me from enjoying the film. The plot was interesting, and it was well acted for that time period. My favorite character was Chief Inspector Hubbard. He was entertaining and seemed far more intelligent than anyone else.

Overall, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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