Tuesday, January 30, 2018

12 Animals that Mate for Life

I saw this title on Yahoo and was intrigued. My Lost and Found Pets series, of course, has a lot of animals in it. Most are more common pets – dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc. None of those animals mate for life, but there are some that do.

I think most people are aware of wolves and the birds (swans, bald eagles, penguins), but I was surprised about a few of the others.

Beavers. I don’t know why this one surprised me, but it did.
French Angelfish. I would have never thought about fish.
Shingleback Skink. I hadn’t even heard of this animal. It’s a lizard.
Termites. This one really surprised me. I would have thought they would be more like ants.

Anyway, it was an interesting read for me. Here is the link to the article if you’re interested. It’s not long.

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