Monday, February 13, 2017


I am currently reading the BIGTIME PARANORMALROMANCE SERIES by Jennifer Estep. It is a fun series but very different than her Elemental Assassin series which I like a great deal. I haven’t read any of her Black Blade or Mythos books. I don’t really enjoy young adult.

The Bigtime books are lighthearted and fun. There are five books and one novella in the series:
Karma Girl
Hot Mama
A Karma Girl Christmas – novella

I am currently on Nightingale and will read Fandemic next. I have enjoyed them all although some more than others. So far I like Nightingale best although I haven’t finished it so that may change. From the reviews I saw on Amazon, most people seem to like Jinx the least. I actually liked that one better than Hot Mama. I give all the books so far 4 stars.

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