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All that Glitters by Tracy Krimmer - $10 Gift Card

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All That GlittersAll That Glitters (All That #1)
By Tracy Krimmer
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction
Age category: Adult
Release Date: summer 2017

Country-music star, Dory Walker, never wanted to come back to the small town of Sycamore Bay. But after her fairy-tale life is flipped upside down, and her marriage becomes a casualty, she has no choice.

Harris Malone is a man with few commitments. He keeps a low profile most days while he cares for his young daughter and helps run his dad’s hardware store.

But when he and Dory run into each other at the local gas station, all either can think about is the searing kiss they shared many years ago.

Can a woman who only wants to rekindle her career and a man who enjoys a no-strings attached lifestyle find everlasting love?
 I still had a key to the house. It never left my keychain after all these years. I found it on my Jason Segel keychain and steadied it in my hand. Ever since How I Met Your Mother I fell in love with Jason Segel’s quirkiness. The second I passed my driver’s test I ran to the novelty store and found the keychain. I adored the romance between him and Alyson Hannigan, and I hoped one day to find a Marshall to my Lily. I thought I had that in Dylan.
I gripped the chain in my hand. This had been a part of me for so long, one of the only things left from home.
The first few steps up the porch proved difficult. How could I even ask my grandmother to live there? The news of my split with Dylan cluttered social media, but my grandma stayed away from all electronics. She probably hadn’t even heard. I hoped seeing me surprised her in a good way.
I pulled open the screen door and put my hand on the knob. I turned it, but nothing happened. My hand shook as I slid the key into the lock and turned, releasing a breath. She didn’t change the locks on me. I took that as a positive.
I stepped inside to the foyer, pine and lemon filling my nose. My grandmother loved to clean, a complete opposite of my messy tendencies. The slate floor brought a sense of peace, its various colors of maroon, blue, and green bringing back memories of when I would play with matchbox cars, pretending the grout lines were the streets.
The blanket on the back of the couch wasn’t folded, and when I reached the kitchen, dishes filled the sink. This wasn’t like her, to leave such a mess. Though once I moved out, possibly she changed her ways. Either way, I folded the blanket and started in on the dishes. If I planned to ask her to allow me to live here, I had to show I could hold my own.
Fifteen minutes later, after the last dish was washed, dried, and put away, I walked into my old bedroom.
Nothing had changed. The polka dotted comforter was still on my bed, my old white desk against the wall. My closet was still covered in photos of Jason Segel, The Rock, and Ryan Reynolds. Even the bright green shag rug sat in the center of my room, next to the bed.
I fell back onto my bed. The bed where Harris Malone first kissed me. And the last time. They were the same exact time. One and the same. He was the only boy I ever kissed besides Dylan Booth. After Harris kissed me, he made up with his girlfriend, Jody. They got married after graduation, and she got pregnant right away. They probably moved out of town and had two or three more kids, a happily ever after I would never see.
I shook thoughts of Harris out of my mind. Why did I think of him after all these years? One man I cared for broke my heart by choosing another, and the other took everything away from me.
What did everyone think of me? I was the one to break out from the town. I left this place and made a better life for myself, if only temporarily. In all my interviews, I never talked about Sycamore Bay. I wasn’t ashamed. Not at all. There just wasn’t a lot here, nothing to discuss.
I turned my head toward my bulletin board, pictures tacked up, leaving no empty spaces. Most of the smiles looking back at me were of me and Tammy. I missed her so much. My best friend since I started school and now I couldn’t feel more distant from her. Our calls to one another started off daily, then weekly, and monthly, until they eventually disappeared. I couldn’t say who made the last phone call, but a day didn’t pass when I thought of her.
Best friends are supposed to be forever. That’s what our necklace claimed, anyway. My half that held the -st from best, and the -nds from friends, still hung on the corner of my bulletin board. Did she keep her half? Did she live in Sycamore Bay? She never talked about leaving like I did, but her dreams weren’t as quite as big as mine, either. I wanted to see her, though if I did, I didn’t know what I would even say. At this point, she was a stranger.
I laid back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. The stars my grandma stuck up there when I was nine remained. Whenever I turned off my light, they glowed, and I’d stare at them for hours. So many stars in the sky, each unique and full of destiny. I wanted more than anything to be part of those stars.

I never realized becoming one would destroy me.

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Tracy KrimmerAbout the Author:
Tracy's love of writing began at nine years old. She wrote stories about aliens at school, machines that did homework for you, and penguins. Now she pens books and short stories about romance. She loves to read a great book, whether it be romance or science fiction, or any genre in between, or pop popcorn and catch up on her favorite TV shows or movies. She's been known to crush a candy or two as well. Her loves include fitness, reading, coffee, dogs, and naps (not in that order), and her dislikes are blue cheese, cold weather, and burpees.

You can find and contact Tracy here:
- Website
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Goodreads
- Amazon
- Bookbub
- Instagram
- Newsletter

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Thursday, June 22, 2017


To celebrate the release of the third novella in my Lost and Found Pets series, I am hosting a number of giveaways this month. Enter to win a Lost Savannah koozie. a Rafflecopter giveaway I am also giving away a $25 gift card if you buy (or have already purchased) a copy of the first novella, The Lost Great Dane. a Rafflecopter giveaway To see all the giveaways, visit The Lost and Found Pets blog: or my website: Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Lost Macaw Snippet

I am working on the next novella in the Lost and Found Pets series. It is called The Lost Macaw. Here's another snippet:

There was a large Oak tree near the back fence. The treehouse wasn’t much more than a few pieces of plywood with a rope ladder, but it looked sturdy enough. I smiled when I saw it. I had always wanted a treehouse. We had never had a house when I lived with my mother, and when I came to live with Nora, I was too old for one. The McMillan’s treehouse looked like fun.
“Cool,” I said to Anna. She grinned. I grinned back. “Can you show me how you saw him?”
I followed Anna up the ladder. There wasn’t room for both of us so I stood at the top of the ladder and looked around. Anna settled on the floor and pointed out a small opening. Leaning over I saw that she could see directly into Mrs. Kearns backyard.
“The man walked through the gate,” Anna said pointing to the gate fence, “and then to the back door.”
“Did he just open the door and go in?”
Anna shook her head. “No. He knelt by the door and played with the doorknob. After it opened, he went inside.”
He probably used picklocks. Mrs. Kearns didn’t have a security system so he hadn’t had to worry about setting off any alarms.
“Did he look around or over here at the treehouse?”
“No, he just went inside.”
“Can you describe him?” Anna looked a little confused. I smiled at her. I like kids. They don’t worry about small talk or social niceties. They do just fine with my default communication style. I ask questions. They answer. They want to know something. I tell them. It’s easy.
“Do you remember what he was wearing?”
“Oh, um, jeans, I think, and a blue shirt.”
“Okay, good. What color was his hair?”
“Kinda brown, but it looked funny.”
“How so?”
“Well, it had a spot on one side that was a different color.”
“Like he dyed it?” I asked. She nodded. I doubt the man dyed just part of his hair although it was possible. More likely, it was something natural. “What color was the spot?
“You’re doing great, Anna. Was the man’s skin light or dark or in the middle?”
This time she shrugged. With brown hair, the man was probably Caucasian. I verified with Anna that his hair was not dark brown.
“Okay, one more question. Was he wearing glasses?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Great. Thanks.”
We came back down where Leslie was waiting with the other kids. Leslie had a worried look on her face. I thanked Anna for her help. She grinned and started chasing her brother around the yard. Leslie watched her a minute before turning to me.
“Do you think she’s in danger?”
“No. The man didn’t see her. She is well-hidden in the treehouse, and she said he didn’t look over here.”
“Anna described a man with brown hair and with a light spot on one side. That’s distinctive. Have you seen anyone like that around the neighborhood?”

Leslie’s eyes widened. She swallowed once and then looked away for just a moment. When she turned back, her face was devoid of expression. She shook her head. I didn’t believe her for a moment.

HE TAKES THE CAKE by J. Lynn Rowan - $20 GC Giveaway

Life is good for Tess Gardiner: Her Savannah, Georgia, bakery and cafe is thriving. She’s earned Master Pastry Chef status from the American Culinary Federation. And she’s attending a regional culinary convention in Charleston, where she’s been invited to sit on a small business panel discussion. The opportunity to tout her success will, hopefully, lead to bigger and better things in her professional life. As for her personal life? The relative contentedness she’s enjoyed for years receives a sudden jolt when she comes face to face with Tyler Brinks, the ex-boyfriend she summarily dismissed from her life eight years ago.

Tyler’s success as a highly-trained chef has launched him into the stratosphere. He already owns one ridiculously successful restaurant, and he’s aggressively working on plans for a second. But he’s never quite gotten over Tess, and he’s never really been sure what actually went wrong between them. So when a pastry and baking competition is announced for the week following the culinary convention in Charleston, Ty jumps at the chance to tempt Tess with the challenge of being his partner, giving him the perfect opportunity to remind her how good they once were together.

As the competition heats up in the kitchen, it soon becomes clear to Tess that Ty has more than cream puffs and cupcakes on his mind. And she can’t deny that her feelings for Ty never truly cooled, but have been simmering all these years, despite the way their relationship ended. Now Ty’s attention has her wondering—is this just the path to final closure? Or could this be a second chance at true love?

“Before we go in there, I have something for you,” Ty says, reaching out but stopping just short of actually touching me.
I stare at his extended hand for a second, then flick my gaze up to his eyes. “Okay.”
Smiling, Ty crosses to a chair on the other side of the kitchen, where he’d draped his chef’s jacket so it would be out of the way. He grabs it and shrugs into it, but then picks up something from the seat of the chair. Folded fabric, the same bright white as his chef’s jacket.
My breath catches in my throat. “Is that . . .?”
“I picked it up for you on my way home yesterday.” He shakes out another chef’s jacket, cut and tailored for a woman’s build. “Hope I guessed the size right.”
I take the chef’s jacket, holding it by the shoulders and studying every seam, stitch, and button. “It’s gorgeous, Ty. Thank you!”
He shrugs in that nonchalant way of his, but his eyes twinkle with joy at my pleasure. “I figured we ought to match. And it’s a gift. Whether or not we continue to round two or beyond, it’s yours to keep.”
“You didn’t need to do this,” I murmur, lowering the garment. “I already owe you for the entry fee, and—”
“I would’ve had to pay the entry fee whether you were working with me or not, so forget it.”
Ty fastens the buttons on his jacket. Then he takes mine back and circles around me, holding the chef’s jacket open so I can slide my arms in. The starched fabric crinkles a little, coaxing a giggle from me.
But the feel of Ty’s hands on my shoulders, the sense of them reaching around to fasten the buttons, makes me freeze. When he notices, he pauses, too. Then his hands drop away, and he clears his throat as he turns and grabs the handle of the serving cart.
“We should get this down to the judges.” His voice sounds choked.
Nodding, I finish with my buttons and follow him out.
About the AUTHOR:
J. Lynn Rowan started writing stories as a small child, usually starring her favorite cartoon characters. Most of her work through middle and high school was filled with typical teenage angst and melodrama, and usually mirrored the books she loved to read. But eventually she found her own author’s voice and decided to seriously pursue a writing career.

Historical fiction remains J. Lynn’s “first love”, but she has enjoyed the journey to becoming an author of romance and chick lit. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Central New York Romance Writers, and the Historical Novel Society. She is also a teacher who tries to instill a love of learning, reading, and writing in her students.

When she’s not writing, J. Lynn enjoys travelling, gardening poorly but enthusiastically, studying various topics in American history for her own expertise, and channeling Julia Child every time she steps into the kitchen.

A native of Oswego, NY, she now lives in Charlotte, NC, with her own Romantic Hero of a husband and their little rainbow, affectionately known as Babycakes.




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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cambio Springs Mysteries

I just finished reading the first three books in Elizabeth Hunter’s Cambio Springs series. Very enjoyable. A little bit of paranormal mixed into the romantic mysteries. Here is the link if you are looking something fun to read:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Seducing the Hearbreaker by Christine Glover - Giveaway

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: June 15, 2017

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Reforming this bad boy makes her want to be very naughty…

PR expert extraordinaire Fiona Maguire must deal with her most challenging task yet: clean up NASCAR champion Jax Hannigan’s act by posing as his girlfriend. She’s determined to help him because she feels responsible for his best friend’s death after setting the wrong man free for all the right reasons. Truthfully, she’s always harbored a secret crush on Jax—one she should ignore now, but can’t when passion flares between them.

To secure a coveted sponsorship and prove he’s got what it takes to win to his slimy former team owner/stepfather, Jax needs to reform his bad boy image. He’s got the best in public relations backing him. The attraction sizzling between them is tempting, but she’s only available because he encouraged her fiancĂ© to drive in a race that killed him.

Soon days of working together turn to passionate, steamy nights. But their feelings for each other could jeopardize his comeback, especially after another scandal erupts. Now Jax must choose the ultimate prize: a championship trophy… or the woman he loves.

Purchase Links

About the Author

Christine Glover is the author of tantalizing, sensual, emotional contemporary romances. She resides in Alabama with her husband, two insane cats and FaceTimes her wonderful daughter every chance she gets. She enjoys finding the silly in the serious, making wine out of sour grapes, and giving people giggle fits along with heartfelt hugs. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling the world, cooking gourmet food, and desperately seeking a corkscrew.

Contact Links


Friday, June 16, 2017

June Giveaways

To celebrate the release of the third novella in my Lost and Found Pets series, I am hosting a number of giveaways this month. Enter to win two Great Dane coasters. a Rafflecopter giveaway I am also giving away a $25 gift card if you buy (or have already purchased) a copy of the first novella, The Lost Great Dane. a Rafflecopter giveaway To see all the giveaways, visit The Lost and Found Pets blog: or my website: Good Luck!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Ernie and the Evils of Insurance by Brent Ayscough

Ernie, an experienced logger from rural Washington State, loses his job when the logging operation he works for is shut down due to the spotted owl. When he goes in to apply for unemployment, Ernie is persuaded to take a job out of state as a temporary insurance adjuster in Los Angeles. While he knows that Los Angeles will be a lot different than Sedro Woolley, Washington, and insurance adjusting a lot different than logging, really, how hard can it be? And there are lots of downed trees in Southern California after the recent earthquake and storms they had there. So packing up his trusty chainsaw in his saddlebags, Ernie hops on his motorcycle and heads south. But to his dismay, Ernie discovers that LA is a lot farther from Washington in more than just miles. Unprepared for the corruption and callousness rampant in the insurance industry, Ernie soon finds himself not only in trouble with his job, but on the top of an assassin’s hit list. Still, although Ernie might be a hick from the sticks, he’s far from stupid. Blessed with an innate intelligence, an abundance of common sense, and a redneck sense of humor, Ernie will give his enemies a hilarious run for their money…if he can just survive long enough.


He’d thought logging was a dangerous occupation, but it had nothing on insurance adjusting...

Under the boat, Ernie heard the whirring noise of the air saw and turned to see a man coming at him. At first, he first thought the coast guard had arrived.
Innocenti expected there might be a deck hand, but had not expected to see someone underneath trying to fix the shaft log. Seeing the man, he moved in aggressively with the air saw, tethered by the yellow air hose to the pump in the speedboat. Swimming rapidly toward the man trying to fix the shaft log, he charged forward, without fear, attacking with his air saw whirring at five thousand rpm, followed by little bubbles of air after the pressurized air spun the saw.
Completely surprised to meet someone trying to kill him, Ernie was startled and instinctively backed up, but not fast enough. The assailant struck Ernie in his side, and the spinning blade went through the skin to his ribs. But fortunately for Ernie, his jumping back had kept the saw blade from cutting deeply into him and severing his ribs.
Ernie pedaled back a few more feet, blood coming out of his side. He then knew it definitely was not the coast guard, and this would be a fight to the death.

About the Author:
Brent Ayscough or Ace, as he is known to friends, retired from the practice of law and lives in a house overlooking the sea in Southern California. He has always loved machines, from airplanes to motorcycles, structural design, and other interests. He has enjoyed the acquaintance of diverse and interesting people, and is widely traveled. Bits and pieces of characters he has known, places he has been, seasoned with the spice of his imagination, help him create unusual stories and characters. Extensive collaboration with experts and sources, hopefully, make his stories credible and interesting.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Snippet from Dead in a Pickup

I've started work on the next Leah Norwood Mystery, Dead in a Pickup. It's still in the early stages, but here's a little snippet:

I found the body on April 12. It was a hot spring day, and I was surprised to see her sitting in the pickup, windows rolled up, and engine turned off. It wasn’t the best part of town, but the vehicle was untouched and intact. I stared into the window. She appeared to be asleep, head back against the headrest, with a peaceful look on her face. Then I saw the bruising around her neck so very reminiscent of my own. Unfortunately, the scarf lying on seat was familiar too.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


To celebrate the release of the third novella in my Lost and Found Pets series, I am hosting a number of giveaways this month. Enter to win a Lost Savannah mouse pad. a Rafflecopter giveaway I am also giving away a $25 gift card if you buy (or have already purchased) a copy of the first novella, The Lost Great Dane. a Rafflecopter giveaway To see all the giveaways, visit The Lost and Found Pets blog: or my website: Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

South Dakota

I recently took a trip to Rapid City, SD. I love to travel but didn’t really know much about the area. When we were doing research for a trip, we discovered that there are a LOT of national parks, monuments, and memorials in the area. The trip was great, and we had a wonderful time. The area is beautiful. We saw Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park, The Mammoth Site, Custer State Park, The Badlands National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Theodore Roosevelt National Park (in North Dakota), and Devil’s Tower National Monument (in Wyoming). We did a lot of driving, but it was a lot of fun.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Coming Home by Kimberley O’Malley - $15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Dr. Elizabeth Abbott Fitzgerald has spent the last ten years of her life running; from tragedy, from family, from love. But now her mother’s failing health calls her home to Windsor Falls, North Carolina; to the place where her past awaits. Sam Bishop can’t believe his eyes when the love of his life returns after ten long years. All he wants is to clear his conscience and get back the family he lost when Connor, his best friend and Elizabeth’s husband died tragically. Could it really be true that time heals all wounds?

Sam Bishop stood in the hallway just outside of the darkened waiting room wrestling with himself. Shock had ripped through him when Katie called him. Elizabeth was home. After 10 long years, she had finally come back. Sadly, it had taken her mother's life-threatening illness to do so. He had waited for this moment for so long.  But now that it was here, he couldn’t bring himself to open the door. He stood with his hand on the handle, hesitating. His heart pounded. He wanted so badly to see her. To hold her in his arms. Disgusted with himself, he opened the door silently and walked into the waiting area.

Light from the hall dimly illuminated Elizabeth's face where she slept fitfully. Clearly not designed for someone over four feet tall, the couch didn’t look all that comfortable. She lay on her left side with her knees drawn up to fit. Although barely 5'3", Elizabeth was obviously too tall.

Sam stood there for a long moment, watching her sleep. Ten years melted away. Despite a long and difficult day, she was beautiful. If she had been wearing any makeup, it was long gone. Elizabeth had always had the kind of natural beauty that would still be evident when she was an old woman. The kind that was timeless and came from within. But even in sleep she looked troubled. She moved restlessly on the couch. An ache spread in his chest as he took in the dark smudges under her eyes; proof of the responsibility she carried alone. He longed to hold her hand and whisper reassurances to her. But he had given up that right years ago.

Purchase Links:

Kimberley O’Malley is a recent transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from the frozen North. She is learning to say y’all but draws the line at sweet tea. Sarcasm is an art form in her world. When not writing, she is a full-time nurse and part-time soccer Mom, but not necessarily in that order. She shares her life with an amazing husband of more than twenty years, two teenagers, and one very sweet Shetland Sheepdog, Molly.

Contact Information:
Twitter: @K_OMalley67


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Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Giveaways

To celebrate the release of the third novella in my Lost and Found Pets series, I will be hosting a number of giveaways this month. First up, a Lost Great Dane dog bandana.

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I am also giving away a $25 gift card if you buy (or have already purchased) a copy of the first novella, The Lost Great Dane.

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To see all the giveaways, visit The Lost and Found Pets blog or my website. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Redemption Lake by Susan Clayton-Goldner - Free Book

Date Published: May 17, 2017
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Tucson, Arizona – Eighteen-year-old Matt Garrison is harboring two terrible secrets: his involvement in the drowning death of his 12-year-old cousin, and a night of drunken sex with his best friend’s mother, Crystal, whom he finds dead the following morning. Guilt forces Matt to act on impulse and hide his involvement with Crystal. 

Detective Winston Radhauser knows Matt is hiding something. But as the investigation progresses, Radhauser’s attention is focused on Matt’s father. Matt’s world closes in when his dad is arrested for Crystal’s murder and Travis breaks off their friendship. Despite his father’s guilty plea, Matt knows his dad is innocent and only trying to protect his son. Devastated and bent on self-destruction, Matt heads for the lake where his cousin died—the only place he believes can truly free him. Are some secrets better left buried?

Redemption Lake is a novel of love and betrayal. It’s about truth and lies, friendship and redemption, about assuming responsibility, and the risks a father and son will take to protect each other. 

For the next hour and a half, he drifted in and out of sleep. Cradled by the night sounds of the desert outside the open window, each time a memory emerged, his thoughts thickened and folded back into sleep. At one point he heard water running for a bath. A little later, he heard a car outside. Oh God, please don’t let it be Travis. He stumbled to the window and opened the curtains. In the street, two long rectangular taillights moved away, turning south onto Oracle Road.
Matt leaned against the wall, staring at the sunflower sheets on Crystal’s bed. The same bed he and Travis had jumped up and down on when they were eight. The digital clock read 10:38 p.m. His head throbbed. He needed to close his eyes. Crystal would wake him in time to leave before Travis got home. He fell back onto the bed.
When he woke up again, the room was very dark. He wore only his boxers and a white T-shirt his mother had insisted upon—claiming his usual dark one would show through his tuxedo shirt. As if the color of his T-shirt could ruin her perfect wedding. But he’d been ingenious and found another way to ruin things for his mother. He turned toward the empty space beside him. It took a few moments for him to realize where he was. He closed his eyes, shook his aching head to clear it. Crystal was his best friend’s mother. What the hell was he doing in her bed?
He thought he heard the sound of the front door open, then close again. Oh God, please don’t let it be Travis. His eyes adjusted to the darkness. One event at a time, he remembered everything.
Fully awake now, he shot from the bed, rocking for a few seconds before he achieved balance, then hurried to the window. The moon hung over the mountaintop, its light silver and unforgiving. Crystal’s driveway was empty. Whoever he’d heard, it wasn’t Travis. On the other side of the street, an engine started. This time the taillights were round. Definitely not Crystal’s Escort. The car turned north on Oracle Road.
Matt let out the breath he’d been holding and glanced at the digital clock—its red letters told him it was 11:20 p.m. He needed to get dressed and leave. The dance ended in forty minutes and Travis would head home. He grabbed his tuxedo pants and shirt from the chair. His hands shook so hard he could barely work the fly and the button on his trousers. He slipped into his shirt, then sat on the edge of the bed. As if he had the flu, his head throbbed and his stomach felt queasy.
He rushed down the hallway toward the bathroom. And when he did, he saw the puddle of blood on the floor beside the bathtub.
He hurried across the room, jerked open the pale green shower curtain.
Crystal lay naked in a bathtub filled with blood-colored water. Her hair, her beautiful blonde curls, had been chopped off, shorter in some places than others, as if a small child had done it. Some of the curls were floating on top of the water.
For a strange moment, everything remained calm and slow.
Her head was propped against one of those blow-up pillows attached to the back of the tub with suction cups. The tint of her skin was pale and slightly blue. Crystal’s eyes were open and staring straight ahead—looking at something he couldn’t see. Blood splattered the white tiles that surrounded the tub. It dripped down them like wet paint. One of her hands flopped over the side of the tub. A single thick drop fell from her index finger into the crimson pond congealing on the linoleum floor. It covered her neck and shoulders. Tiny bubbles of frothy blood still oozed from the gash in her neck.

About the Author

Susan Clayton-Goldner was born in New Castle, Delaware and grew up with four brothers along the banks of the Delaware River. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona's Creative Writing Program and has been writing most of her life. Her novels have been finalists for The Hemingway Award, the Heeken Foundation Fellowship, the Writers Foundation and the Publishing On-line Contest. Susan won the National Writers' Association Novel Award twice for her novels and her poetry was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies including Animals as Teachers and Healers, published by Ballantine Books, Our Mothers/Ourselves, by the Greenwood Publishing Group, The Hawaii Pacific Review-Best of a Decade, and New Millennium Writings. A collection of her poems, A Question of Mortality was released in 2014 by Wellstone Press. Her novel, A Bend In The Willow, was published in January 2017. Redemption Lake, the first in a 3-book detective series, will be released May 17, 2017. Prior to writing full time, Susan worked as the Director of Corporate Relations for University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. 

Susan shares a life in Grants Pass, Oregon with her husband, Andreas, her fictional characters, and more books than one person could count. In her spare time, Susan likes to make quilts and stained glass windows. She says it is a little bit like writing, telling stories with fabric and glass.

Contact Links

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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Lost Spaniel - available for preorder

The Lost Spaniel is the third novella in the Lost and Found Pets series. Alexandra Prescott opened Lost and Found Pets because she loves animals. Reuniting pet and owner is more than just a job.

When Alex’s mentor, Eddie Hill, calls about his lost Cocker Spaniel, Alex rushes to the rescue. They quickly track the dog to an abandoned construction site, but after bullets start flying, Alex realizes there’s more to this case than a missing dog.

Alex and Eddie have to dig into their pasts to find out who might want to harm them or their pets. The list of suspects grows long as Alex tries to solve the mystery of the lost Spaniel.

My breathing was becoming shallow, and my whole body was shaking. I couldn’t stop moving. It felt like an eternity, but a few moments later, Craig rushed in. He took one look at me and stopped.
“Hero’s been shot,” I shouted. I waved my arms, pointing to the German Shepard and then toward the dog in Eddie’s arms. “He’s bleeding. And Daisy is covered in glass.”
“Okay,” Craig said calmly, nodding once.
“It’s not okay,” I yelled. “Hero’s been shot. Daisy…”
“Alex!” Craig said sternly. “Stop.”
“He’s been shot,” I whispered desperately.
“Alex,” Craig said softly. “Look. Look at Hero. He’s okay.”
I looked at the dog on the table. Hero was lying down, but his head was up, and he was panting softly. When he saw me looking at him, he thumped his tail. I looked back at Craig who nodded once. I collapsed into the chair behind me and buried my face in my hands.
“I’m Craig Burns.”
“Eddie Hill.”
“Ah, Mr. Hill,” Craig said. I heard, rather than saw, the smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Alex speaks very highly of you.”
“Really?” Eddie asked.
“Well, as highly as Alex speaks of anyone.”
The two men laughed. I raised my head to glare at them, but neither one was looking at me so I sat back in my chair. Craig glanced at me then. When he saw I was somewhat under control, he smiled.
“I’m going to take Hero for an ex-ray and to clean up his wound.” He turned back to Eddie. “Rich will take Daisy and get her cleaned up and check for any injuries.”
Rich is Craig’s assistant and was now standing in the doorway. I hadn’t seen him earlier and hoped he hadn’t witnessed my meltdown. He stepped inside and carefully took Daisy from Eddie before disappearing down the hallway.
Craig looked at me again. “I’ll be back as soon as I can, but it may take a while as I need to finish with my other patient.”
I flushed guiltily. I hadn’t even considered the other people or pets. My only concern had been for Hero. Craig got Hero to follow him from the room. The dog was limping slightly but had no trouble walking.
After the door closed behind them, I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. Eddie and I sat in silence a moment while I relived the events of the past hour. When I opened my eyes, Eddie was watching me.
“Who wants you dead, Eddie?” I asked.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Saying I Do by Tracey Alverez - Release Day Giveaway

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Saying I DoSaying I Do (Stewart Island #8)
by Tracey Alvarez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: May 19, 2017

Marriage and happily-ever-after are for suckers…

Joe Whelan was fooled once on the way to the altar, and the Irish doctor isn’t about to be an eejit over a woman again. Especially not one who witnessed his broken-hearted humiliation years ago. He won’t be swayed by the sparks that fly whenever his eyes meet MacKenna’s or distracted by her sweet kisses. The only thing Joe cares about is preventing his sister from making the biggest marital mistake of her life.

MacKenna Jones loves a good wedding—so long as she’s sewing the bride’s gown, not walking down the aisle herself. Falling for Joe Whelan’s sexy bedside manner wasn’t on the cards, neither was a seven-day road trip with him to Las Vegas, the Marriage Capital of the World. When the stakes are so high, will these two gun-shy cynics ever say I Do?
Feet moving of their own accord, Mac stomped over to him. “You can learn a lot about someone in a short amount of time, and I’ve learned this about your sister already—if you push her too hard too fast, she’ll dig in her heels. So back the hell off for a bit. You’re too heavy-handed.”
His jaw bunched, and suddenly he wasn’t leaning against the door anymore—she was—with Joe’s big hands still clamped on her arms, which was how he’d twisted her around and pinned her.
“Heavy-handed, am I?”
Deeper and rougher than his usual silky tone with a hint of Ireland, his accent came out in force. It wasn’t the voice of a doctor with a charming bedside manner, but the voice of a man who could walk through the rougher parts of Dublin with confidence.
The word came out high-pitched like a chick’s peep because his grip had loosened on her arms. Both his thumbs stroked over the curve of her biceps, and, dear God—she couldn’t for the life of her stop a delicious shiver from skimming down to her toes.
Her breath shuddered out on a gasp. Even though she knew how to break away from a man by inflicting enough pain to ensure he wouldn’t grab her again, Mac couldn’t do anything but curl her toes and stare at the working of Joe’s Adam’s apple.
She licked suddenly dry lips. “You, ah, need to use a gentler touch.”
“Do I, darlin’?”
The mean streets of Dublin had left his voice, and a new tone appeared. One she’d never heard from him. One that a tiny corner of her heart recognized with a skittering jump, conjuring up a fantasy of a stone cottage on a lonely, Irish cliff top, the sea roaring below and a man whispering Irish endearments in her ears.
His hands skimmed up her shoulders, and one finger traced the line of her jaw, coming to rest in the cleft of her chin. “That’s how you expect a man to handle you, no doubt. As if you were made of spun glass, and a kiss that was anything but gentle would shatter you.”
“A kiss won’t shatter me.” That didn’t make sense, but then nothing did when she could barely hear his words over the pounding bass and the pounding thrum of blood firing through her veins.
“Are you sure now? Because I’m not wantin’ to be gentle.”
He dipped his head and brushed his lips along the path his finger had taken a moment before. A total contradiction of his words. Mac’s stomach dropped in a giddying free fall, and her hands—which had found their way onto his hips—bunched in the soft wool of his sweater.
“Anyone ever tell you you talk too much?” she said.
When she’d meant to say, “I need you to kiss me, fool.”
Apparently, his diagnostic powers were good because he figured out what she needed, and he cupped one big hand behind her neck, lowering his mouth to hers. Warm, firm lips teased hers, not quite a kiss, more testing for reaction as he drew back a fraction, waiting for her to broach the hairbreadth of distance between them again. And with a ragged inhale, she did, parting her mouth slightly to draw him in deeper. If she was going to kiss Joe, then, dammit, it was going to be a good kiss. A grand kiss.
A not gentle, not polite, not going to stop thinking about it for days kiss.

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Tracey AlvarezAbout the Author:
Tracey Alvarez is a USA Today Bestselling Author living in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (a.k.a Wellington, New Zealand). Married to a wonderfully supportive IT guy, she has two teens who would love to be surgically linked to their electronic devices.

Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, she’s the author of contemporary romantic fiction set predominantly in New Zealand. Small-towns, close communities, and families are a big part of the heart-warming stories she writes. Oh, and hot, down-to-earth heroes—Kiwi men, in other words.

When she’s not writing, thinking about writing, or procrastinating about writing, Tracey can be found with her nose in her e-reader, nibbling on smuggled chocolate bars, or bribing her kids to take over the housework.

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