Monday, September 5, 2016

The Lost Great Dane - Win a $50 Gift Card

I am writing a new mystery/romance series entitled Lost and Found Pets. It will be a series of novellas. The main character, Alexandra Prescott, owns a private investigation agency that specializes in finding lost pets. To celebrate the release of the first novella, The Lost Great Dane, I am giving away a $50 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes gift card. There are two ways to enter: preorder the book and/or complete the puzzles to reveal the name of the lost Great Dane. For more information and to enter the giveaway, please visit The Lost and Found Pets Novella blog.

The Lost Great Dane is the first novella in the Lost and Found Pets series. Alexandra Prescott opened the Lost and Found Pets agency because she loves animals. Reuniting pet and owner is more than just a job.

While searching for a lost cat, Alex finds a weak and injured Great Dane. The dog has no collar, no tags, and no microchip. And the only person looking for him is a man who might have murdered his own wife.

Within 24 hours, Alex has a hunted dog, a homemade microchip, and a hitman on her tail. She realizes the only way out of this mess is to solve the mystery of the lost Great Dane.

Available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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