Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dark Little Secrets by A.K. Kruse

When Tad Stevens meets Alexandria Lane, their attraction is undeniable – but Alexandria is sure that their different backgrounds mean they could never be together. And just when she starts to change her mind, she discovers something Tad has been hiding, and her doubts come crashing back.

Even though their passion drives them back into each other’s arms, more secrets from Tad’s past could make them lose everything.

Will Tad’s secrets tear them apart? Or will the fire between them be enough to let their love grow?

Find out in book one of the Beholder Series: Dark Little Secrets!

But Tad Stevens was different. He wasn’t exactly free of ego, she could see, but a little ego was okay. It made him confident without being a swaggering peacock. And he was smart; not brilliant, not a genius, not anyone who would change the world. But he was intelligent, and thoughtful. And funny.

And sexy. Yes, damn sexy. The man wore sexy like a cologne, and she was getting a little heady from the scent.

She realized a second too late that he had stopped talking and was waiting for her to respond. She stuttered.

“Oh, I’m sorry – what?”

“You weren’t listening to me? I’m offended,” he said, playfully.

“No! I was listening! I just got distracted,” she said, hoping he couldn’t what distracted her. Having to tell him she was actually thinking about how his hands would feel on her bare chest would be a little too flirty, even for the coquettish Alexandria who had shown up tonight.

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A.K. Kruse is a romance writer who has written several novels in addition to the Beholder series. She loves romance of all kinds, because it appeals to people from all walks of life. In addition to writing romance, she loves to research romance novels, and even teaches a college course in popular romance, writing, and research. 

She lives with her husband, three girls (who she hopes wait until they’re teenagers to read her books), and various pets. She enjoys swimming, art, reading, and good T.V.

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