Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Excerpt - Trust Me (Holton Series #3)

Paul pulled the car to a stop behind the one already parked in front of the house. He saw a woman open the door and start to get out. It was the real estate agent. Paul turned to Rachel. She was watching him with a quizzical look on her face.

“I’m not opposed to buying in Holton. I hadn’t considered it before because I wasn’t planning to make Texas my permanent residence. Things have changed, and now I am thinking about moving here.”

He watched as surprise filled her face. Her eyes searched his. The agent was walking toward them, but Paul wanted to know her reaction. He waited for her to say something.

“You want to move here? To Holton?” she said, disbelief coloring her voice.

“Is that a problem?” he asked her sharply. Her reaction wasn’t the one he expected. Had he read her wrong? He had thought the last three weeks had been going well. Once they had straightened out the issue with her believing that he was in love with Victoria, he thought she was ready to move forward, but apparently he was wrong.

“No. I guess I’m just surprised,” she said slowly.

The agent tapped on his window. Paul turned and nodded at her before saying to Rachel, “Then I guess I wasn’t reading you right. I thought you would be pleased. We’re here now so we might as well look at the house.”

Paul opened his door and got out. He was no longer excited about viewing the home. If Rachel didn’t want him living here, there was no point in even looking. One of the homes in Plano would work just fine. He didn’t need a large house if Rachel didn’t want to be part of his future. The agent introduced herself as Rachel got out of the car.

It was a beautiful home. The front door opened into a large foyer. All the rooms had hardwood floors. There was a study just off the entryway, and the living room was directly in front of them. It had vaulted ceilings and the back wall was almost completely covered by windows. There was a glass door that opened out to an enclosed patio. The bedrooms and master suite were on the second floor.

The agent went into her sale’s pitch, and Paul listened absently as he looked around. He actually liked the house. It was lovely and had plenty of room for entertaining. He didn’t have a lot of large parties, but in his business, he did occasionally host a dinner party or two. The house was perfect for his needs. He wandered through the rooms on the first floor before stepping out onto the patio. Rachel followed him.

“Paul,” she said.

He turned to see her standing just inside the doorway. The agent was still in the living room. Rachel took a step closer. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just surprised. You hadn’t said anything about moving to Texas, much less Holton.”

He nodded. She was right. He had sprung it on her rather suddenly. They hadn’t spoken much about his business the past three weeks. Their time together had been so limited that they had stuck to the basics. He had mentioned to her that the office was not running as smoothly as he liked, but he hadn’t gone into any detail about the operations or the fact that he felt he needed to be here for longer than just a few months.

She took another step closer to him and reached for his hand. “I’m sorry if my reaction was negative. I would love for you to move here.” She paused a moment and then briefly looked over her shoulder. Rachel smiled that mischievous smile he had come to love. She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear. “I hope to get you to break Rule #4.”

Paul pulled back and looked at her, a frown on his face. He didn’t have a rule four. “What is Rule #4?”

“Relationships are only temporary,” she said saucily as she walked back into the house.

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