Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Excerpt - Trust Me (Holton Series #3)

Paul had the cushion arranged on the floor parallel to the couch with the blanket spread over it. He handed her his coat. “Use mine. It’s longer than yours, and then you can use your coat for a pillow.”

“Thanks. That’ll help. So do you snore?”

He walked over to the desk and leaned against it. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Has no one told you? None of your lovers ever mention it?”

“I don’t sleep with women.”

Rachel raised her eyebrows and looked at him questioningly. He lifted a hand. “Literal sense of the word. I have sex, but I don’t sleep with women.”

She nodded. “Kick them out after you have done the deed, do you?”

“Something like that,” he said cautiously.

“Well, I’m hoping you do snore. It’ll help cover mine.”

“You snore?” he asked with a slight smile. His eyes danced as if he were trying to hold back his laughter.

“So I’ve been told,” she replied saucily.

Rachel placed his coat on the end of the couch. She took a deep breath and then turned to him. He stood there watching her. It was an odd feeling. He seemed to be watching her a lot. It wasn’t threatening but more inquisitive, like she was a puzzle he was trying to solve. She looked at him now and said, “Turn around.”


“Turn around,” she repeated.


She sighed heavily and frowned. “Because I’m going to remove my pants. It would be too uncomfortable to try to sleep in them.”

Rachel was wearing a long top and jeans. The top was a tunic style shirt that was one of the most comfortable she owned. It was warm and soft and hit her legs about midway down her thighs. It would cover her adequately, but she didn’t want to sleep in her jeans. She also did not want to try to take them off while he was watching. She was attracted to the man, but she didn’t want to give him a peep show.

He grinned at her. “Oh, honey. You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen.”

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