Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Excerpt - Trust Me (Holton Series #3)

A brief flare of car lights flashed through the thick glass of the front double doors of the Holton City Library. Rachel Lewis paused for a moment and looked out into the darkness. She was standing by the door with her keys in her hand ready to lock up, but the lights stopped her. She watched helplessly as the car slid across the black ice covering the parking lot. The driver tried to control the powerful vehicle, but the tires could not gain any traction on the slippery surface. Finally, the car came to a stop when it hit the curb of the sidewalk. A moment later the car door flew open, and a man emerged. He looked around briefly before heading to the short stairway that led to the library entrance. He ducked his head trying to protect himself from the freezing sleet and snow. He slipped only once but walked gingerly up the steps.
The weather had been cold for several days, but the snow and sleet had started just that afternoon. The winter storm was much worse than predicted, and within just a couple of hours, the roads had become slick and dangerous. As it was two days before Christmas, there were only a few people in the building when the storm arrived. They left quickly, and Rachel had been able to send her assistant home about an hour ago. She had planned to leave herself as soon as she had finished the last of her paperwork. It now appeared that she had waited too long.
The man had made it to the door, but she still could not see his face. However, there was something familiar about him. When he opened the door and stepped into the lobby area, the light illuminated his features, and she recognized him immediately. Her heart began to beat faster, and blood rushed through her veins causing her whole body to grow warm.
He was absolutely gorgeous. Rachel had thought so the first time she had seen him, and a second look did nothing to change that opinion. His hair was jet black and glossy. The dark waves that covered his head were currently wet with the residue from the sleet but were usually thick and shiny. His face was classic perfection. The forehead was wide and smooth. He had prominent cheekbones and a strong chin. His eyes were a cold winter gray and just as chilling. They were framed with thick dark lashes and set under dark straight eyebrows. His lips were full, and when stretched into a smile, they revealed smooth, even teeth.
Rachel had only seen him really smile once, but it had been devastating. It was possible she had only seen him smile once because she had only seen him once before today; however, she doubted it. He did not seem the type of man to smile like that often. Half smiles, polite smiles perhaps but not the full devastating smile she had seen. He typically presented a solemn and thoughtful fa├žade, but that day he had smiled at Victoria which was hard not to do.
Rachel smiled herself just thinking about Victoria. Victoria Carson, soon to be Moore, had to be the reason the man was here, standing in her library. Victoria and Andrew Moore were getting married in a little over a week, and he was in the wedding. He was tall, standing a little over six feet. His build was a sculptor's dream. His shoulders were broad, and he had a muscular chest that tapered to his waist. He had a flat stomach and strong, lean legs. He was dressed in a suit that had never been on a rack. It was cut to fit him like a glove. The double-breasted jacket emphasized his broad shoulders, and Rachel knew the shirt was silk. The black overcoat was cashmere, and the shoes on his feet were real leather and handmade. Everything about him screamed wealth and success.

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