Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Excerpt - Notice Me (Holton Series #2)

"It doesn't look right."
Andrew sighed in frustration and felt his temper rising. Some of his conversations with Victoria were like walking through a dark cave without a flashlight. He often found himself stumbling and grabbing onto the wrong thing just trying to keep up.
"Victoria, your brother and my sister were out there in the lobby watching every move we made. Didn't you realize that if they saw you kissing me that there would be questions asked?'
"Sure I realized, but Drew, we’ve been spending a lot of time together the past two weeks. The questions are already being asked. I just don't see what the big deal is."
Andrew's temper flared. "That’s the problem. You never see what the big deal is. Nothing is serious and everything is just a joke with you. Rules and regulations be damned."
"Oh, please, Drew. When have I ever broken any rule or regulation?"
"When have you ever..." he started, unable to believe she would even ask that question. "Well, how about Saturday night when we ate at Rick’s in Plano. All those people were there ahead of us waiting patiently for their table but because you knew the owner, we were seated first."
"That’s so stupid," she replied. "I didn't ask Rick to seat us first, he offered, and I didn't hear you complain at the time. You seemed perfectly happy to be seated first."
"Of course, I didn't complain. Your friend was kind enough to seat us. I wasn't about to insult his hospitality. Besides that was just one example. What about the incident with Mrs. Bailey at the church?"
"Mrs. Bailey lives in another century. I didn't do anything wrong. Just because she doesn't think women should wear shorts inside a church doesn't make me a bad person. It wasn't like there was a service going on or anything. I didn't even go into the main auditorium. We just stopped by to drop off some food. I certainly didn't break any law or anything."
"No, but you knew how she would react and she is the secretary of the church. Don't you think you should have respected her wishes? Everyone in town knows she has set ideas about proper clothing in a church."
"So? Why should I be confined by what she thinks?" Victoria walked across the room and then turned back to look at him. "This is a crazy conversation. Why don't you tell me what’s really wrong?"
Andrew studied her a moment. His frustration had reached its breaking point. She would never understand him. The incident in the lobby was proof. The past two weeks had been encouraging. They were slowly getting to know each other as adults and as individuals. Their relationship had been going very well. Andrew thought it might be because they already knew each other so well in some ways. But he wasn't ready to share his new found feelings with the world. So far, he had been able to avoid answering any awkward questions but he knew that after the scene in the lobby, both Steven and Julie would want to know what was going on.
He had been glad to see her when she walked in but unprepared for her actions. He was taken completely by surprise when she crossed the room, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. Once he had disengaged himself, he grabbed her by the arm and drew her into his office but not before he saw the astonished looks on Steven’s and Julie's faces. Andrew knew he was over-reacting but he was unable to stop.
"I don't like being pawed in public." As soon as he said it, he knew it was the wrong thing to say. He glanced at Victoria and started to apologize when he saw her go perfectly still. He slowly closed his eyes. He had blown it. Victoria could argue with the best of them. She had a quick temper and a lively tongue. Her arguments were usually concise and succinct but when she got truly angry, she became quiet and gave the appearance of being calm. Andrew had seen it happen just a few times. He now watched her warily as her eyes flashed and her hands were clenched at her side.
"You don't like being pawed?" Her voice was low, tense, and full of anger. "You don't like being pawed in public? Well, fine. I won't paw you in public OR in private."

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