Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Excerpt - Notice Me (Holton Series #2)

     As always, her heart stopped when she saw him.  Victoria knew she had seen better looking men, had even dated better looking men, but Andrew always moved her.  For a moment, she enjoyed the simple pleasure of just looking at him.  His broad shoulders filled out the conservative blue suit and his powerful arms and legs made him a lean, dominant picture.  His thick brown hair had fallen across his forehead, and Victoria’s hand itched to brush it back.  He was talking softly to his sister explaining the papers in his hand.  Victoria watched his mouth move and waited for the smile that always made her toes curl.  It happened and Victoria took a deep breath.  She thought she should be used to that reaction by now, but it still caught her by surprise.  Andrew’s smile brought butterflies to her stomach and made her ache for his love.  She quickly pulled herself together and closed the door behind her.
     Andrew looked up at the sound, and Victoria found herself looking into his piercing green eyes.  They had narrowed and trained on her immediately.  The intense green gaze locked her into place.  She stood very still while his eyes roamed over her.  Victoria knew the past few months had accomplished this.  Andrew was now very physically aware of her.  What he thought about her, Victoria did not know.  She did know he invariably watched every movement that she made.

     She now walked slowly across the room with his eyes following her.  She watched him straighten and his back stiffen.  He was uncomfortable around her, and Victoria hoped this was progress.  She had waited twelve years for him to notice her as something other than a child, but she wasn’t sure making him nervous was the right thing to do.  She wanted him to notice her, but she did not want to scare him away.
     The last time Victoria had tried to get Andrew to notice her, she had been nine years old.  At fourteen, Andrew and Steven had decided Victoria and Julie were too young to hang around with them.  Steven had pushed her away and sent her home at every opportunity, but Andrew had simply ignored her.  This did not sit well with Victoria so when she had overheard the boys laughing about putting a frog in their friend’s bed, an idea had formed.
     Even at that age, Victoria knew how to plan.  She had captured four frogs and then sneaked out of her house.  She could still remember listening to Andrew’s howl as she hid outside his bedroom window that hot summer night.  Steven’s reaction had been equally satisfying.  Neither one had told her parents as they would have had to confess their own deed, but Steven had threatened to spank her.  Mitch had intervened and Steven had settled for punching her in the arm.  Andrew had lectured her for twenty minutes on proper behavior.  Then the next day, he went back to ignoring her.  Victoria hoped this time would end differently.
     After Carolyn had died, Victoria had waited two years to give Andrew time to grieve.  Then she set a new plan into motion.  She moved back to Holton, gave him time to get used to having her around, and got better acquainted with his children.  Three months ago she began an all-out assault.  She smiled and flirted with him at every occasion.  She touched him whenever she could and tried everything she knew to let him know she was attracted to him.  Slowly, she thought he was beginning to see her as a woman and not a kid sister, but she did not know how much more she could take.  She was not known for her patience.
     "Hi, Drew.  How are you?" she asked softly.
     As always, he stiffened at her shortening of his name.  No one called him anything except Andrew, but Victoria had decided she needed to be different.  She wanted to make sure Andrew knew she was unlike anyone else.
     "How many times have I told you not to call me that?" he asked impatiently, raising one eyebrow.  Victoria’s heart skipped a beat.  She had always found that gesture very sexy.
     She smiled again.  "I don’t know.  How many times have you told me not to call you that?"
She laughed at the frustrated look that crossed his face.  At least, he wasn’t ignoring her.  She knew she could irritate him.  She just hoped she could also attract him.
     "Come on, Drew, lighten up."  She walked over to him, placed her hand on his shoulder, and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek.  He accepted the salute but did not return the gesture.  Apparently nothing had changed.
     Suddenly, it was too much for her to bear.  She hid a sigh and quickly walked toward the exit.  She said goodbye to Julie and told her she would call.  At the door she turned and flashed one more bright smile before she left.

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