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Monday Excerpt - June 15, 2012

Forgive Me (Holton Series #4)

The sound of the powerful motor cut through the silence of the night, and a single headlight illuminated the empty streets.  Mitch Carson pulled the motorcycle to a stop at the corner of Main and Ridgeway.  He smiled slightly as he looked at the deserted streets and dark houses.  Ten minutes after eleven on a Wednesday night and Holton, Texas was locked down tight, and all its residents safely tucked away.  He laughed silently as the restlessness that had plagued him all his life slowly melted away.  He was home.  And this time, he was home for good.

If he continued straight on Main, the road would take him to the edge of town to his sister’s guesthouse where he would be staying.  Instead he turned left onto Ridgeway, drove two blocks, and then turned right onto Oak.  He stopped the bike across the street from a two-story, white Tudor.  All the lights were out, but he could just make out the window in the top right corner.  She was there, behind that window.  The woman he never forgot.  The woman he never stopped loving.  The woman he had come home for.  Emily Fairview.


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