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The Marlboro Man by Anna Alexander - $15 Gift Card and Swag Pack Giveaway

For years Mark Webber was in love with his best friend’s girl, and it had become well past time for him to move on for greener pastures. Not long after he left, Mark realized the Sprawling A was his home, so now he’s back, ready to leave the past in the dust. While he was gone, there had been some changes at the A, including a new ranch hand who comes with a sister that stirs Mark’s passions in ways he never felt. 

Gabriella Montoya has come to the ranch seeking shelter after a failed marriage. Not only is she welcomed with open arms, but she gains six big brothers. But one man doesn’t look at her like he would a sister. Oh, no. Mark gazes at her with a heat and promise in his eyes, and damn if he doesn’t deliver on every one. But Gabriella’s not certain she’s ready to embark on another relationship so soon with a man who has made no bones about wanting forever, especially when both of their pasts rise from the ashes and threaten everything they have.

The amber light caressed Gabriella, making her look like an angel standing before him. An angel on a mission, he’d guess if the determined set of her jaw was any indication, and he had a feeling he knew what the purpose was for her visit. 

“Why did you kiss me?” she asked the second he shut the door behind him. 

Yep. He was right. 

Now, what would be the best way to answer without him getting him decked for saying something inappropriate? Really, he had no right touching her in any way, shape, or form. If anything, he should apologize for being so forward. 

But one look at her face decided his answer. “Because you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” 

Her lips fluttered into a brief smile before they pressed into a thin line. “Is that the only reason?” 

“No. It’s because,” he blew out a breath, “because I like you. A lot.” 

Several tense moments passed, and with each second the frown on her forehead deepened. “That’s all? You think I’m pretty and you like me. That’s it?” 

“Yes. No. It’s—I…” He blew out another breath and ran his hand through his hair. “I—I couldn’t go another second without feeling your lips against mine. Okay? I know it was wrong. I’m sorry.” 

Her shoulders lowered, and a delighted smile replaced her frown. “The only wrong about that kiss was that it was over far too quickly.” 

“And happened far too soon. I shouldn’t have invaded your personal space that way. Again, I’m sorry.” 

She shifted and took a step toward him. “Thank you for your apology. I greatly appreciate it.” She took another step closer, boxing him between the door and her body. “I have a confession to make, Mark. I like you too. A lot.” 

“Yeah?” The smolder in her gaze felt as if it raised the temperature of the room at least another twenty degrees and turned the floor beneath him to quicksand, pulling him under fast. “Is that such a good idea?” 

She let out a little laugh. “Now that’s the question I’ve been asking myself all day. But you know, I’m tired of doing what I’m supposed to. It’s time for me to do what I want.”

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The Marlboro Man 

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A Night at The Cavern
Hero Rising
The Marlboro Man

The Cowboy Way
A Night at The Cavern
Anna Alexander's literary world changed at age thirteen when a friend gave her a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "A Rose in Winter." With her mind thoroughly blown, she decided that one day she too would be a romance writer. With Hugh Jackman's abs and Christopher Reeve's blue eyes as inspiration, she loves spinning tales about superheroes finding love. 
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