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Happy Holidays

This month's giveaway is an eCopy of Dead in the Park: Leah Norwood Mystery #2. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

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Relentless by Vanessa Dare - eBook Giveaway

A fun weekend at a friend’s wedding in Denver takes a bizarre twist for Anna Scott when her rental car is pulled over due to an “anonymous tip.” In her trunk…a dead man linked to warring crime families in Denver and New York. It should be easy for an innocent woman to be cleared for an simple mix-up. But was it a mistake? The police aren’t so sure, and neither is the crime boss who wants vengeance for his son-in-law’s death. Suddenly appearing on the radar means that now Anna Scott is in real trouble. Two years ago, Anna Scott didn’t exist. The police think she knows way too much about criminal procedures and they’re determined to find out her secret. Their attention forces Anna to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with both the mafia and the police. This twist of fate could not only expose her, but place her, and anyone close to her in jeopardy.

Jake Griffin is playing a deadly game. He’s spent the last few months undercover in the Moretti crime family. The mysterious and beautiful Anna Scott is a big problem. Moretti assigns him to find out who she is and what she’s after, and to kill her if she becomes a problem. Jake needs to focus on taking down Moretti, not risking his life and career protecting a sexy woman who is a complete mystery. Unfortunately, he can’t stop wondering about her. He knows she’s lying, but his gut instincts, and the bone deep desire he feels every time he sees her, won’t allow him to walk away. He discovers that he’s willing to go to war with the whole world for one alluring, yet vulnerable woman. He can’t seem to stop taking desperate gambles where she’s concerned. The most dangerous of all might be trusting her with the truth.

I still couldn’t tell Anna I was a cop. She’d be pissed—understatement of the year—and probably run off and take on that new identity. At the moment, it was critical I made connections with the likes of Frank Carmichael and I couldn’t do that if I was a cop. He wouldn’t take a meeting from me then if I held up the last corned beef sandwich on the planet.

“You dragged me over here on a Sunday morning to talk about my dates?” Carrie wanted to know.

“You have more than one?”

I wanted her to line them all up so I could check them out. Carrie might be thirty-two years old, but it didn’t mean I wouldn’t shoot any asshole who treated her poorly.

“Save your alpha personality for Anna,” Carrie grumbled, letting her head fall back against the couch cushion.

Anna just arched a brow and her gaze flicked down my body. Just a look like that had me getting hard, which wasn’t good in front of my sister. Alpha with Anna was definitely working—for both of us.

To hide my eagerness for Anna, I walked to the kitchen to get a drink. My dick was running the show now and I needed that to stop. It wasn’t going to see any action until I saved Anna, so I needed to get my brain in gear and focus on the dangerous shit. “I need you to set up a meeting for me with Uncle Frank,” I called out.

Carrie sat up. I couldn’t see her, but I knew this because her feet hit the floor. “Why would you want me to do that?”

“Because he’s going to help me kill Anna.”

Available on Amazon

About the Author
Vanessa Dare does it all: Urban contemporary to time traveling to Scotland and everything in between. Her bestselling alter ego, Vanessa Vale, sticks with steamy Wild West romps.

Social media links:

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Monday Excerpt - Forgive Me (Holton Series #4)

Growing up, Mitch Carson had always dreamed of leaving Holton, Texas, traveling the world, and writing life altering stories.  As an investigative journalist, he made those dreams come true, but he left behind the only woman he ever loved.  That was his greatest mistake.  Mitch has returned home to see if she can forgive him for leaving her when she needed him the most.

In high school, Emily Fairview had fallen deeply, madly, and completely in love with Mitch.  The two of them planned a life together far away from Holton, but when Emily’s family needed her, she chose to stay.  Mitch chose to leave.  Fifteen years later Mitch is back and wants a second chance, but Emily doesn’t know if she can forgive him.

“Paul seemed pretty excited about that ad campaign,” Emily said after a moment of silence.
Mitch glanced at her and nodded. “Advertising is his passion.”
“What?” she asked.
“His passion,” Mitch repeated. “You know the thing he loves.”
Emily cocked her head and gave him a smile. “I thought Rachel was his passion.”
Mitch laughed. “Well, yeah, that’s a given. But advertising is also a passion. It gets his juices flowing. He loves it. You can tell. I believe everyone has at least one passion. It may not always be a healthy one, but everyone has to have something that drives them.”
“What do you mean?”
“Take Steven, for example,” he said to her. Emily looked over at his brother. “You know him pretty well. What do you think is the most important thing to him?”
“Anna,” she said promptly. “Well, and Mia. And your parents, you, and Tori.” She stopped and laughed. “I guess that’s more than one thing.”
“No. You got it right. It’s family. Steven has always been a family guy. Has always wanted to be with his family, in his hometown. That’s his passion.”
“Hmm,” Emily said thinking. “Do you have a passion?”
“Sure, I have three.”
“Three? What are they?”
He shot her a sly look. “You tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine.”
He hadn’t expected the sad look that crossed her face. She didn’t respond. He reached for her hand and squeezed. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
“I don’t think I have a passion,” she whispered.
“Sure, you do.” She shook her head so he continued. “You’re passionate about computers.”
She thought about it for a minute. “Not really. I mean I like working with them. I enjoy teaching about them, but I don’t think I can call it a passion.” She paused. “I really don’t have a passion.”
“Well, then, I guess we will have to find you one.”

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Sunday Quote

All this month's quotes will be about Christmas. I know it is after Christmas but I think this one fits.

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Saturday Teapot

For those who don't know, I love teapots and have a large collection. I feature one each week. Simple but elegant.

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A Hero Grinch for Christmas by Samanthya Wyatt

Dani will not allow The Grinch to hide from Christmas. She will cure Hunter of his nasty mood, even if it kills her. But who will save her from his passionate kisses.

War hero, Hunter Graham, has seen enough devastation to last a lifetime. At the end of his latest Army term, he accepted his discharge papers and never looked back. His uncle’s home is tucked away in the majestic mountains, a perfect place for him to hide from Christmas and his own memories. But he can’t hide from the delectable Dani. The last thing he needs is a female in his life. But this one has the face of an angel and eyes you can drown in.

Dani Wimer left the Colorado mountains and relocated in the bright lights of New York City. Every December she returns to the village of Wyattsville. When a hunky military guy enters her aunt’s shoppe, he seems lost and angry. His scowl is intimidating, but that doesn’t bother the spunky girl who celebrates the holidays like it’s Christmas every day. She decides to put a smile on his Grinch face and ends up losing her heart in a passionate whirlwind.

The door flew open and Hunter’s blond hair hung in his face, as if maybe he just got out of bed. Her fingers itched to smooth the wild strands from his brow.
When he recognized her, he simply hooked his thumb in his pocket and leaned against the doorjamb. Rugged in a pair of faded blue jeans, his too tight t-shirt stretched across six-pack abs. His stunning blue eyes peered at her, causing a slow kindling in her belly. She took in a ragged breath and said the first thing that came to her mind.
 “It’s snowing.”
“I hear it does that up here,” he said. His gaze glided from her face down to her shaking knees.
“Can I . . . come in—” She stuttered, out of breath. Besides the snow and cold temperature, she’d fought the wind every step of the way and—. She swayed.
His arms shot out to steady her. Then he swooped her up and cradled her against his hard chest.
“My God, you’re freezing. What the hell happened?” Kicking the door shut, he carried her to the fireplace and lowered her to the ottoman.
“I had to walk from the main road.” Her voice came out shaky. She’d kept her mouth covered with her scarf, but her lungs burned from breathing the cold air.
“Where is your car?  How long have you been out there?”
“In a ditch.” Now that she was inside, the heat made her aware of the tingling in her toes. Her teeth started to chatter. “I . . . slid off the road . . .”
“Why didn’t you say something?”
He worked the buttons on her coat, then removed the gloves from her frozen fingers. He helped her remove her coat, then he tossed it aside. “Are you all right?” He gripped her arms, sliding his hands along her elbows descending to her writs.
“Are you injured? Do you have any pain?” His warm fingers caressed her neck, then smoothed over her shoulders, almost massaging. Warmth flowed through her.
“Should I be alarmed . . . Or excited?” she teased. His touch felt good. Very good.
He gave a long steady stare. “Did you hit your head?”
“No. I don’t think so. I’m just really cold.”
“Whatever possessed you to walk in this weather? Do you realize you could have frozen out there and no one would have known? You could get frost bite.”
He squatted and tugged her boots off, dropping them to the floor. Then his wonderful fingers warmed her toes through her cold socks. “Where’s your car?”
“About a mile back, at the big curve, right before the turnoff to the cabin.”
He grunted and shook his head which she’d come to believe was his usual habit. She could ignore his surly disposition, but her body temperature rose several degrees from his strong hands rubbing up and down her legs.
“What the hell are you doing out here?” he asked.
The fire was welcoming, him not so much.
“Bringing gifts. Uh, there’s a box outside your door. I thought you might like a home cooked meal.”
“Are you serious? You decided to drive up this mountain in this weather to feed me?”
“It wasn’t snowing when I left. For some stupid reason I had this wild idea I was performing an act of kindness,” she said sarcastically.
Hunter strode back to the entryway and found the box of food. She studied his tall form, as his long powerful legs ate up the distance to the door. He had a confident swagger a girl couldn’t help but admire. When he retrieved the box and passed her heading to the kitchen, she couldn’t resist one more sneak peek at his ass.
He placed the box of food on the counter. And in no time, he was back at her side, pulling her to her feet. While one hand gripped her arm, he pressed the other to her forehead.
“Can’t keep your hands off me?” she teased.
“Don’t know when to shut up, do you?

The One And Only Series on Amazon:

About the author:
Samanthya lives with her husband in the Shenandoah Valley. She left her accounting career and married a military man traveling and making her home in the United States and abroad. Once she found historical romance novels, she couldn’t put a book down. She fell in love with the characters and needed to know their happy ending.

One day she put words to paper creating a story of her own. The more she wrote, the more she became involved with the characters, and they seemed to take a life of their own. She relishes the challenge of penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes while creating new characters and bringing them together in a romantic tale. It took years of writing, joining RWA, joining chapters, entering contests, submissions & rejections which created the author she is today. By keeping her spirit and turning criticism into drive she has achieved her career as a published romance author.

Twitter: Samanthya Wyatt @samanthyawyatt

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Monthly Giveaway

Happy Holidays

This month's giveaway is an eCopy of Dead in the Park: Leah Norwood Mystery #2. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

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Monday Excerpt - Trust Me (Holton Series #3)

Rachel Lewis hides her looks behind dark framed glasses and drab clothes. As the head librarian in Holton, she is satisfied with her life and her appearance. Rachel isn't looking for love or a relationship, but Paul captivates her. He lives in a completely different world, but she wants him more than she has ever wanted any other man.

Paul Hart is handsome, rich, and successful. As the owner of a thriving business, he is happy with short-term relationships and jaded women. Paul has been betrayed too many times to trust a woman, but Rachel intrigues him. She isn't like any other woman he has ever known. Can he learn to trust her?

“You could just go talk to her, you know,” Andrew said as he sat down beside him. Paul looked at Victoria’s fiancé. He had gotten to know Andrew fairly well in the past few months. Paul had not liked the man at first. He had hurt Victoria, albeit unknowingly, but Paul was very protective of his friend so Andrew had not made a good first impression. However, as time passed, Paul realized Andrew had good instincts and a strong desire to serve the public. He was running for a seat in the Texas State Senate, and Paul had decided to give him his support.
“Talk to whom?” Paul asked grudgingly. Andrew was very observant. It was part of his courtroom training. Paul just hoped Andrew had not observed what he feared he might have.
Andrew just smiled. “Rachel, of course. You’ve been staring at her all evening. Is there something you want to tell me about last night?”
Paul wiped his face clean of all expression. “Nothing to tell and I haven’t been staring at her.”
“Sure,” Andrew nodded. “You just happened to be looking in her direction. It isn’t a sin to be interested in a decent woman, you know.”
“I’m not interested in her. Rachel is a very nice woman, but we really don’t have anything in common and besides…”
“Listen up, everyone,” Victoria called. Paul was grateful for the interruption. He did not want to discuss his mixed up feelings with anyone, least of all Victoria’s fiancé.
“We’re now ready to do our gift exchange. I know some of you are a little reluctant to play the game, but I promise you’ll have fun. We’re going to play a variation on the traditional gift exchange. You will answer a trivia question, and if you answer correctly, then you can pick out a gift from the gift pile. The next person to answer a question correctly will have the option of choosing a gift or stealing one that has already been picked. A gift can only be stolen twice. Does everyone understand the rules?”
Everyone nodded. “Okay, then first open your box and take the ornament out. At the bottom of the box is a number. That is the order we’ll go in to answer the trivia questions.”
The game began, and laughter quickly filled the room. Some of the questions were funny and other serious. Soon everyone was stealing gifts and answering questions. Mitch and Rachel were the first two players to obtain a gift that had been stolen twice so they were out of the game. The two of them moved away from the group and started talking. Paul was the next one to go out. He watched Mitch and Rachel growing angrier by the minute. What was Mitch doing? He kept touching Rachel on the arm and was flirting outrageously. Mitch was an infamous flirt, but Rachel was not the type of woman who would be used to such attention. Paul was tempted to go over there and stop him.
A soft chuckle from his right distracted him. Paul turned to see amusement covering Andrew’s face. He was shaking his head. “No, you’re not interested in her at all, my friend.”

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Sunday Quote

All this month's quotes will be about Christmas. I hope you enjoy!

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Saturday Teapot

For those who don't know, I love teapots and have a large collection. I feature one each week.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Excerpt - Notice Me (Holton Series #2)

Andrew Moore has always thought of Victoria as family.  She is his best friend’s little sister and his little sister’s best friend, but recently something has changed.  Andrew is thinking about Victoria in a completely different way.  She will never fit into his quiet, conservative world. They are too different to have a future together, but he cannot stop noticing her.

Victoria Carson has been in love with Andrew since her sixteenth birthday, but Andrew never noticed her as anything other than the girl next door.  She fled from her hometown so that she wouldn’t have to watch Andrew build a life with someone else.  But things have changed.  Andrew is now a widower, and Victoria has returned home.  It is time to make him notice her.

As always, her heart stopped when she saw him. Victoria knew she had seen better looking men, had even dated better looking men, but Andrew always moved her. For a moment, she enjoyed the simple pleasure of just looking at him. His broad shoulders filled out the conservative blue suit and his powerful arms and legs made him a lean, dominant picture. His thick brown hair had fallen across his forehead, and Victoria’s hand itched to brush it back. He was talking softly to his sister explaining the papers in his hand. Victoria watched his mouth move and waited for the smile that always made her toes curl. It happened and Victoria took a deep breath. She thought she should be used to that reaction by now, but it still caught her by surprise. Andrew’s smile brought butterflies to her stomach and made her ache for his love. She quickly pulled herself together and closed the door behind her.
Andrew looked up at the sound, and Victoria found herself looking into his piercing green eyes. They had narrowed and trained on her immediately. The intense green gaze locked her into place. She stood very still while his eyes roamed over her. Victoria knew the past few months had accomplished this. Andrew was now very physically aware of her. What he thought about her, Victoria did not know. She did know he invariably watched every movement that she made.
She now walked slowly across the room with his eyes following her. She watched him straighten and his back stiffen. He was uncomfortable around her, and Victoria hoped this was progress. She had waited twelve years for him to notice her as something other than a child, but she wasn’t sure making him nervous was the right thing to do. She wanted him to notice her, but she did not want to scare him away.
"Hi, Drew. How are you?" she asked softly.
As always, he stiffened at her shortening of his name. No one called him anything except Andrew, but Victoria had decided she needed to be different. She wanted to make sure Andrew knew she was unlike anyone else.
"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" he asked impatiently, raising one eyebrow. Victoria’s heart skipped a beat. She had always found that gesture very sexy.
She smiled again. "I don’t know. How many times have you told me not to call you that?"
She laughed at the frustrated look that crossed his face. At least, he wasn’t ignoring her. She knew she could irritate him. She just hoped she could also attract him.
"Come on, Drew, lighten up." She walked over to him, placed her hand on his shoulder, and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. He accepted the salute but did not return the gesture. Apparently nothing had changed.
Suddenly, it was too much for her to bear. She hid a sigh and quickly walked toward the exit. She said goodbye to Julie and told her she would call. At the door she turned and flashed one more bright smile before she left.
Outside the door, Victoria released the sigh and was grateful no one was in the hall. If anyone in Holton had seen her at that time, she knew her secret would be out. Tears gathered briefly in her eyes, and she drew a deep breath, as her heart broke a little more. She leaned her head on the wall and willed the pain away. No one would have recognized the defeated look on her face, and no one would have believed that Victoria Carson was miserable. She had a reputation of being outgoing and friendly and happy. She always had a smile for anyone. This side of her was not known to anyone in Holton.

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Sunday Quote

All this month's quotes will be about Christmas. I hope you enjoy!

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Saturday Teapot

For those who don't know, I love teapots and have a large collection. I feature one each week. I think this one is really pretty.

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December Giveaway

Happy Holidays

This month's giveaway is an eCopy of Dead in the Park: Leah Norwood Mystery #2. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

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Shatterproof by K.K. Weil - $20 Gift Card Giveaway

Griffin Stone knows the stats. Sons of abusers become abusers. This is his single fear.

After witnessing firsthand his parents’ tumultuous marriage, Griffin worries that he, too, harbors an explosive dark side. Can he escape from his father’s rage-fueled ways or is he destined to become part of the cycle?

Unable to persuade his mother to leave and wrestling with his resentment towards her for staying, Griffin volunteers at Holly’s House, a safe haven for abused women. Through sculpture, Griffin gives these women pieces of themselves they’ve long forgotten. Holly’s House is the only place where Griffin finds peace and purpose.

Until he meets Frankie Moore.

Frankie is an aspiring photographer, finding beauty in things most people miss, including Griffin. Griffin is attracted to her free-spirited, sassy attitude but fears Frankie will trigger the most intense part of him, the one he must keep buried.

Frankie’s got to get her act together. Her anything-goes behavior is leading nowhere fast. She’s hopeful that her latest hobby will be a building block for the future. But when a stranger appears on the other end of her camera, looking as complex as he is handsome, Frankie thinks this might be just the change she needs.

When Griffin’s father strides out the door, I involuntarily suck in a gasp. Approaching us is possibly the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, especially in his sharp button-down shirt, slacks and designer shoes. He’s almost Griffin’s clone, except as he smiles to say hello, some soft lines surround his mouth and fiery brown eyes. His dark hair has the same slightly reddish tint as Griffin’s but it’s short, with not a single strand out of place. He’s got Griffin’s high cheekbones and deep dimples indenting his cheeks. These two could be twins born a couple of decades apart.

A small guttural sound spurts from Griffin, who practically has smoke coming out his ears, and two things occur to me. One: I cannot be thinking about how beautiful this man is. I have to hate him the way Griffin does, because, for God’s sake, he’s an abusive asshole. And two: even though he has explained it to me, I’m grasping for the first time why Griffin keeps his appearance the way he does. Morally, he is the polar opposite of his father, yet their physical features could make them identical.

“Frankie,” his father says, revealing a smile matched in beauty only by his son’s. “I’m so glad to be meeting you. I’m Evan.” He extends his hand.

Griffin is absorbed by his father’s manicured hand grasping mine. Definitely no tattoos on those knuckles. He releases me and turns to Griffin.

“Hello, my boy,” he says, but doesn’t reach for his hand. Maybe he knows Griffin won’t shake it and doesn’t want to make things awkward. Instead he gives Griffin a playful slap on the back. Griffin straightens.

“Why aren’t you at work?” Griffin snaps at his father. Griffin’s hands quiver and he crams them in his pockets.

“I was.” His father ignores the tone. “But when your mother mentioned you were bringing a date for dinner, I decided to cut our meeting short. Why don’t we go inside? Your mom said everything’s almost ready.” He tries to escort me by placing a hand on my spine. Griffin pulls me away and steps between us to walk.

Dinner should be interesting.

Guest Post- Naming Characters:
A friend recently asked me if choosing the names for characters in my books is like choosing names for my children. My immediate response was yes, because in some ways, the processes are similar. For instance, in both cases, the names are permanent, so there is some built-in pressure about picking well. Also, in theory, I’d give everyone names I love, so the methods would have to be similar, right?
After thinking about it, though, I realized that’s not actually the case at all. First off, I don’t have to love, or even like, the names I assign my characters. Maybe I’m writing about someone despicable. I wouldn’t necessarily want to give him a wonderful name. Also, I keep some of my favorite names on a back burner, waiting for the perfect hero or heroine to come along. This might be an acceptable practice for a writer – not so much for a parent.
But there is one much bigger difference between the two. For each of our children, my husband and I mulled over dozens of names. We had no idea what kinds of personalities they might have or what would interest them. Their names were based solely on our opinions about what sounded pretty. When I name my characters, though, I’m privy to all sorts of information. I decide what my hero is going to be like before I lay one word on a page. I know if I want my heroine to be weak or strong, serious or funny, and I can name her accordingly. The names can reflect their personalities if I want them to. Or they can be, ironically, a sharp contrast to them.
I’ll admit that when writing my first book, At This Stage, I did borrow from the pool of rejected baby names my husband and I had saved on scrap paper. Jackson and Griffin were among them. These were names we loved, but for one reason or another, opted not to use for our children. Their last names though, Wall and Stone respectively, represent parts of their characters.
When naming my heroine in that book, I had certain criteria. She was on the younger side, but I didn’t want her to seem childish. She was mature beyond her years and I wanted her name, both in its whole form and her nickname, to reflect that. I chose Kaitlyn because to me, it sounded strong and controlled - even when Jackson called her Kate.
Shatterproof was a different story. My heroine’s name had to suggest a free-spirited nature. It had to be a little bit fun, but not weak and not over-the-top girly. As soon as I thought of the name Frankie, I knew it was the one. I loved the idea of her full name being Francesca, yet the formality not fitting her, so she uses a shorter name. The origins of her name also have a meaning that applies to Frankie, but I won’t give that away because it’s explained in the book.
In my latest work in progress, the names of my hero and heroine are symbolic. His has to do with his talent, and hers, her family background. Neither are names I would have chosen for my children, although I do like both of them. Sometimes, I think naming characters is about what’s pleasing to the ear. Other times, it’s what’s pleasing to the mind. And I suppose in a perfect world – one that may be entirely fictitious – they can be a little of both.

About the Author:
K.K. Weil grew up in Queens, but eventually moved to New York City, the inspiration for many of her stories. Weil, who attended SUNY Albany as an undergrad and NYU as a graduate student, is a former teacher. She now enjoys writing her own dramas and lives near the beach in New Jersey, where she is at work on her next novel.

Giveaway $20 Amazon/BN GC:

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Monday Excerpt - Convince Me (Holton Series #1)

Anna West watched her father abuse her mother in the name of love. She isn't going to fall into the same trap, but she has never met a man she could love. And then, she meets Steven.

Steven Carson watched his father shower his mother with love. He wants the same kind of relationship, but no woman has made him feel that way. And then, he meets Anna West.

Driving cautiously, she slowed the car and rounded the curve moving the car closer to the center stripe as she couldn’t see the right hand edge. The car coming from the opposite direction had done the same, and suddenly, Anna was faced with two bright headlights bearing down on her.
For a moment, she did not know what to do, then reacting instinctively, she jerked the car to the right and her bumper narrowly missed hitting the other vehicle. The slick road made it difficult to control the car, but she had been driving slowly enough that she managed to slide into the side ditch unharmed.
Anna sat in her car stunned and unbelieving. She had never been in a car accident before and wasn’t sure what to do which was an unusual situation. Anna had learned at an early age to be calm and efficient. It was the only way to survive. Her abusive father had hated inefficiency and commotion so she had learned to be controlled and competent. Anna hated not being in control.
For this reason, she loved accounting. Numbers could be controlled. It may take her a little time, but she could always find an answer which was more than she could do with people.
Anna shook her head and then leaned forward to check on Sophie. The cat appeared unharmed but began protesting the rough treatment. Anna tried to reassure her and soon the cat settled. Anna took a deep breath then reached for the insurance manual in her glove compartment. The manual would tell her what she needed to do. She felt better already. She had a plan.
All thoughts of a plan immediately flew out of her head when the door of her car swung open and a deep, soft voice asked, “Are you all right?”
Anna turned and looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Eyes that were the color of a cloudless sky on an early spring day. They were framed with dark thick lashes that lightened on the tips. The lean, clean face went well with the eyes. It was a pleasant face, not too hard or too soft, but a man’s face nonetheless. It was lean and powerful. He had strong cheekbones and a straight nose. Light blond hair fell across his forehead. She stared at him unable to move. Her heart began to pound, and her body reacted to his nearness. She had never responded so strongly to any man before, and she forced herself to take a deep breath.
He leaned into the car and asked again, “Miss, are you all right?”
This time his voice propelled her into action. She shook off the fog that had come over her and nodded once before saying, “Yes, I’m fine. Just a little shaken. Was anyone hurt?”
She glanced again at the man staring at her with a concerned look on his face. Their gazes locked, and he watched her silently with his calm blue eyes. He seemed very close, and Anna leaned back against the seat to get farther away. His broad shoulders filled the doorway, and she felt a small jolt of fear. She hated feeling physically intimidated. But the fear quickly faded as he looked at her a moment longer then a slow, gentle smile crossed his face. Anna felt her heart stop. She willed it to begin beating again.
“There is only you and me,” he said softly.

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Sunday Quote

All this month's quotes will be about Christmas. I hope you enjoy!

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Saturday Teapot

For those who don't know, I love teapots and have a large collection. I feature one each week. Isn't this one nice?

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Monthly Giveaway - Dead in a Park eBook

Happy Holidays

This month's giveaway is an eCopy of Dead in the Park: Leah Norwood Mystery #2. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

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Dead in a Park on Tour - Enter to win a $20 Gift Card

Dead in a Park will be on a blog tour for three weeks. Below is a list of blog stops. Visit each one for to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

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When Leah Norwood finds the body of Donald Collins in the city park, she doesn’t know he is a distant relative. Young Donnie was a jewel thief and a career criminal. Hidden in the lining of his suit jacket was an exact replica of a ring that has been in Leah’s family for over a hundred years. After her home is burglarized, the sexy chief of police is convinced the ruby ring has something to do with the murder.

Leah wants to find out what happened to Donnie, but why would someone kill for a hundred year old ring? She discovers a connection between Donnie and the drug-dealing Cantono family, between the Cantono family and a jewelry appraiser, and between the jewelry appraiser and one of her own employees. Chief Griggs might be onto something. All clues lead back to the family ring.

Leah loves a good mystery. Can she find the killer before the killer strikes again?

Saturday, November 28, 2015


I have a large collection of teapots and like to share. This one is so cute. It is a dog on a couch.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Choosy Bookworm Holiday Extravaganza featuring Laurie Boris - RP Dahlke - Bronwyn Elsmore

Choosy Bookworm has partnered with eNovel Authors at Work to bring you a month long celebration with great books, great book deals, and let's not forget the great giveaways! 

Check out today's featured authors and books, then head on over to the event page and enter to win one of two $250 Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal Cash!

Be sure to check out the featured books and the awesome author sponsored giveaway below!

In the Name of Love
by Laurie Boris
GenreShort Story Collection

A lonely neighbor tries to melt a widow’s reluctant heart. Bullying brothers threaten to spoil a young girl’s Halloween. Left at the altar once, a woman takes a gamble on a second chance. These are just a few in a collection of thirty short and shorter stories about growing up, growing older, moving out, moving on, revenge, redemption, and love in all its shades of bittersweet pain and joy.

Meet Laurie Boris

Laurie Boris has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and is the award-winning author of six novels. When not playing with the universe of imaginary people in her head, she’s a freelance copyeditor and enjoys baseball, reading, and avoiding housework. You can learn more about her at

A Dead Red Cadillac
by R.P. Dahlke
Series: Dead Red Mystery, #1
Genre: Cozy Mystery/Mystery

Cross-dressers, drug running crop dusters and a crazy Chihuahua all conspire to ruin Lalla Bains' 40th birthday

Meet R.P. Dahlke

I write humorous mysteries about an annoyingly tenacious tall, blonde and beautiful, ex-model turned crop-duster who, to quote Lalla Bains, says: “I’ve been married so many times they oughta revoke my license.” Beginning with #4 in the series, A Dead Red Alibi, Lalla and her family will reside in South East Arizona where she will divide her time between a fledgling P.I. business with cousin, Pearlie Bains.

Every Five Minutes
by Bronwyn Elsmore
Genre: Literary fiction

Gina, if that's her real name, deliberately misses the bus and walks into the city for work, then turns and returns home. This is not a day for work. Tomorrow, in her navy pantsuit, she will be there, but today she will spend with a white dog and a remarkable man. Every Five Minutes, by award-winning New Zealand Author Bronwyn Elsmore, is also about the colour cornflower blue, beaches, parks, city streets, exotic places, coffee, flowers, polished stones, a unicorn and a swan, words, theatre, movies, music, and love. Most of all it’s about Gina, the dog, and the man.

Meet Bronwyn Elsmore

New Zealand Writer Bronwyn Elsmore has written over many genres – fiction and non-fiction. Her hundreds of publications include books, short stories, articles, plays. She has awards for short story and playwriting, and is an experienced writing teacher and mentor. She lives in Auckland, now preferring to write fiction and plays.

Head on over to the
Choosy Bookworm
Holiday Extravaganza
event page to learn more and enter to win one of two $250 Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal Cash!