Sunday, January 21, 2018

It’s the little things…

It’s the little things…that add up. I had a crazy week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The past few weeks have been better, but that week was tough. It was a lot of little things that added up to a frustrating and unpleasant week.

Here’s the list of small but annoying incidences:

Monday – Christmas Day
Our electricity went out for about two minutes. Not a big deal, but it turned off the oven, and we didn’t realize it. Our Christmas meal was about an hour late.
Our ATT router went out. We bundle so we had no WiFi, no TV, and no home phone. Of course, it was Christmas so no one could come fix until the next day.

I sometimes work from home especially if we are expecting some type of service person. Hard to work from home without Internet. Luckily, I was able to setup a hotspot on my phone–don’t want to see my data plan usage for that day.
The ATT technician came. Replaced the router. Yes! Back in business. Now reset all the TVs and reset all the WiFi connections.

We had a sick cat. Blood in her urine. She had a massive bladder infection. Poor thing was miserable.

Nothing happened – sigh of relief.

The sick cat has a reaction to the medicine – diarrhea everywhere. Not a pleasant way to start another three day weekend.
Texas can get cold. That weekend the temperature was hovering around freezing at night. We found a stray cat in the backyard. Skinny as could be. Sad pitiful thing. We couldn’t leave him outside so we put him in our laundry room until we could get him to a shelter.
So one sick cat running around the house. One stray cat in the laundry room. And one healthy cat I had to try to keep away from the others.

We can’t find a rescue group to take the cat and resort to contacting the city shelter. We had to leave a message, but they didn’t call back.

Finally get the stray cat to the shelter. I have one more day to relax before I go back to my day job.

Monday – New Year’s Day
Smoke alarms go off. We can’t find any smoke or fire, but all eight of our alarms are going off at the same time. So we call for help, gather up the cats, and exit the house. The fire department shows up. We have a bad alarm. They suggested we replace all of them.

So that’s it. A week of small, frustrating things that just kept piling up. I was actually happy to go back to work.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Mystery Section Blog

I’m hosting a new blog called The Mystery Section. It is dedicated to showcasing mystery books and their authors. Every two days, we feature one book. My goal is to give the book its own spotlight. I see so many blogs and Facebook pages that have tons of posts each day. It’s nice that these people are trying to help promote, but I feel like too many books get lost in all the content.

The Mystery Section will have one book posted each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The book will be the only post on the blog and the top post on the Facebook page for two days. On Sundays, we will feature an Author of the Month with a little bit about an author, their books, and a Q&A session.

I hope you will consider stopping by. We are going to be hosting a giveaway each month as well so there is an incentive for you. Below are the links. Please consider sharing and following. I know all the authors will appreciate your support.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Classic Mystery Movie Challenge

I’m reading a book called, Dial P for Poison by Zara Keane, which was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder. Ms. Keane’s mystery series is called the Movie Club Mysteries. All the books are based on movies. It is an interesting and fun idea for a cozy.

I’ve never seen Dial M For Murder. I know I’ve seen parts of it-classic scenes that show up on award shows or retrospectives, but I’ve never sat down and watched the whole thing.

This time of year everyone is making (or by now breaking) New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions or challenges I’ve been seeing online are book related. Goodreads, LibraryThing, and similar sites all have challenges planned. I don’t do book challenges. I read a lot, but it isn’t consistent as it’s hard to plan how long it might take to read a book. Some I can breeze right through; others I have to spend more time on. To me, that’s what makes reading so much fun. Each book is different-even the amount of time it takes to read one.

So instead of a book challenge, I’ve decided to set myself a classic movie challenge. It’s going to be small-only one a month. I’m going to start with Dial M For Murder since that is what began this whole thing. I looked up classic mystery movies and got a lot of ideas. I’m going to begin with the list below.

January 2018 – Dial M For Murder
February 2018 – Murder on the Orient Express
March 2018 – The Thin Man
April 2018 – Rear Window

Any suggestions for other movies? Anyone want to join me?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dress Up Your Pet Day

So I just discovered that today, January 14, 2018, is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. There’s a website and everything. The day was founded by an animal advocate, Colleen Paige, as a day to give more attention to pets and to help promote pet adoption.

I must admit I was a little surprised. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of pets dressed, but I had no idea there was a day to celebrate it. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. I have never dressed up a pet. I might have put a ribbon or bow on my dog when I was a small child, but I’ve never tried to put them in a costume.

Ms. Paige states on the website that she knows it may seem silly to some, but that the goal is to help save lives and give exposure to homeless animals. Anything that brings attention to pet adoption is a good thing. In my book series, Lost and Found Pets Mysteries, I mention pet adoption and the heartbreak of homeless pets. I don’t put a lot about it in my stories as that is not the theme of the books, but I’m a believer in rescuing animals and hope that this day helps.

Check out the various sites. I must admit some of the pictures are adorable.

What about you? Do you dress up your pet? Can you share a picture? I would enjoy seeing them.