Friday, April 28, 2017

RABT Book Tours 5th Anniversary Giveaway

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

I absolutely love the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Her newest book is Silence Fallen. I enjoyed this book as well. There has been a lot of talk (i.e. complaints) about one aspect of the book. I'll just say it didn't bother me at all. I wasn't shocked or did I figure it out. It may have been because I had read a lot of the reviews already, but just saying, it wasn't a big deal for me.

Silence Fallen was a good book - not my favorite in the series but still good. I didn't like the fact that Mercy and Adam were apart so much in this book, but the storyline was interesting and the action fast-paced.

If you haven't read any in the series, you need to start at the beginning. And if you like fantasy, this is the series for you. All the books can be found on at any book retailer. Below is the link to Amazon. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spicing Things Up – Mill Pond #4 by Judi Lynn

Tyne Newsome promised to help Daphne Ferris pick up the pieces if her professor boyfriend dumped her. Tyne is a hottie chef with no intentions of committing to anyone. He has big plans for his future. Daphne owns a stained glass shop and spends most evenings eating dinner with her parents. She prefers safety and solitude, but Tyne keeps bumping her out of her usual routines. He's not someone she can ignore. And soon, they find that they complement each other so well, they're both pushed to places they've never been before.

Miriam looked Tyne up and down. “So what’s the deal? Why are you pestering Daphne? Because if you’ve tagged her for sloppy seconds, I’ll tar and feather you and drive you out of town.”

A warrior. He grinned. He liked this woman more and more. “What are you, her protector?”

“Yes.” She crossed her arms. “The professor hurt her enough. I’m warning you off.”

“You’ve got it wrong. I don’t have to chase women. They chase me. I’m pestering Daphne because she’s a friend. I think the professor’s a dick, and I don’t want her to retreat back into her shell since he dumped her.”

Miriam’s eyes went wide. He doubted too many people surprised her, but he must have.

“So, you’re playing the Good Samaritan?”

“I don’t make a habit of it. And I’m not all that patient, but I thought I’d give it a shot.”

He watched Miriam’s right eyebrow rise. He knew that look. He was the recipient of it many times. “Are you a teacher?”

“That obvious? High school English. But don’t think I hide behind books. I intend to rattle Daphne’s cage, too. I don’t care if I end up single, living with cats, and talking to myself, but she will. She took a step. I want her to keep going.”

“So do I.”

Miriam nodded. “Good, then I don’t have to threaten you or hire someone to hurt you. You do your thing, and I’ll do mine, and hopefully, we’ll move Daphne in the right direction.”

Buy Links:

Thanks to Judi. I enjoyed learning more about her, and I hope all of you do as well.

First of all, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! I read one of your posts about what you’re reading, and we have similar tastes.

What is your favorite genre to read?
I’m eclectic. I skip around between genres. I noticed that you love Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs, and so do I. Every once in a while, I read Neil Gaiman. Before I wrote my first romance, I read Catherine Bybee and I really enjoy her writing and voice. For Regency romance, I love Julia Donner’s Friendship series. My true love is mystery, though. I was happy to see that you listed new mystery writers on your blog, because I tend to read Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, and Martha Grimes. I was a huge Nancy Pickard fan for years. My editor said that if I’d like to try my hand at a mystery, he’d look at it, so I’m working on one now. It’s time I find some newer mystery writers.

Who is your favorite author to read?
Boy, that’s hard! If I could only choose one, it would have to be Elizabeth George. I think she’s brilliant. Her mysteries are character-driven with more of a literary feel. If I want to read a book that makes me feel good, I’d have to pick Sarah Addison Allen. Her writing reminds me of an early Alice Hoffman—lyrical and magical. And if I just want kick-ass fun, I reach for Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs.

What is your favorite movie?
Okay, I get teased for this, but my favorite movie is The Thirteenth Warrior with Antonio Banderas. He gets kidnapped as a Viking to fight an evil “fire worm.” I have a thing for Greek and Roman myths and Norse myths, and this movie is just about a perfect combination of strong characters facing great odds for me. But it’s almost a toss-up with the six-part mini-series of Pride and Prejudice on TV. I loved everything about that.

Do you have any favorite quotes?
My daughters used to say “Pull up your big girl panties and get to it.” Pretty motivational😊 But my all-time favorite is “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey” by Stephen Covey.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
I can’t. I end up listening to the music or dancing all by myself, and no writing.

Do you have any phobias?
Fears, yes. Phobias? Lord, I hope not. Didn’t they use that in a Gotham TV show? They killed people with their own phobias? Ugh.

Thanks again for inviting me to your blog!

Judi Lynn lives in Indiana with her husband, a bossy gray cat, a noisy Chihuahua, and a parakeet. She loves to cook and owns more cookbooks than any mortal woman would ever need. That’s why so much food sneaks into her stories. She also loves her flower beds, but is a haphazard gardener, at best.

Twitter: @judypost

Judi will be awarding $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow the tour for more chances to win:

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Lost and Found Pets Novellas

The Lost and Found Pets novellas are all available for $0.99. Alexandra Prescott opened Lost and Found Pets because she loves animals. Reuniting pet and owner is more than just a job.

The Lost Great Dane
While searching for a lost cat, Alex finds a weak and injured Great Dane. The dog has no collar, no tags, and no microchip. And the only person looking for him is a man who might have murdered his own wife.

Within 24 hours, Alex has a hunted dog, a cryptic message, and a hitman on her tail. She realizes the only way out of this mess is to solve the mystery of the lost Great Dane.

The Lost Savannah
Alex is hired to find a lost Savannah, a rare and expensive cat breed. She quickly learns the cat isn’t just missing. The cat was stolen. The main suspect is the next door neighbor who is obsessed with Savannahs and the game of golf.

Soon Alex discovers a black market ring in the world of fanatic Savannah cat breeders. She has to dust off her rusty investigative skills to solve the mystery of the lost Savannah.

The Lost Spaniel
When Alex’s mentor, Eddie Hill, calls about his lost Cocker Spaniel, Daisy, Alex rushes to the rescue. They quickly track the dog to an abandoned construction site, but after bullets start flying, Alex realizes there’s more to this case than a missing dog.

Alex and Eddie have to dig into their pasts to find out who might want to harm them or their pets. The list of suspects is long as Alex tries to solve the mystery of the lost Spaniel.